introducing the brand-new 

Airbus A321neo-LR

TCS Airbus A321 Jet
Airbus A321


An Elevated Way to Travel, Designed for You

  • Incorporates the most up-to-date, hospital-grade air filtration system that renews the cabin air every two to three minutes and removes 99.9% of particles, viruses and bacteria
  • Offers the largest cabin by height and width of any single-aisle aircraft in the market
  • Features custom-made leather seats crafted in Italy (6”5” personal space, full flatbed recline) along with an advanced electric recline system
  • Boasts extra-large lavatories with full-length mirrors, adding to the home-like feel of the aircraft
  • Offers global WiFi where available, in-flight entertainment and an enhanced presentation system to give you a variety of options for relaxation and enrichment
  • Features two galleys, which will allow the best-in-class flight crew to more efficiently serve guests
  • Includes a snack and beverage station available for anybody wishing to grab a quick bite like you could in your home kitchens
  • With state-of-the-art CFM LEAP engines and wingtip mounted Sharklets, the new plane burns on average 30% less fuel than the current Boeing 757
  • The new plane’s extended range of eight to nine hours (approximately 4,600 miles) allows flexibility to cover large distances without refueling, meaning fewer stops en route
  • The A321LR is nimble enough to land in smaller, more remote airports, allowing you to explore more new and noteworthy destinations around the world
  • Because the plane is brand new, it offers the ultimate in reliability
  • Three pilots
  • One engineer
  • One luggage/paperwork manager
  • One guest experience manager
  • Seven cabin crew
  • One chef
  • One dedicated trip physician
  • One expedition leader
  • Two assistant expedition leaders