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Our partner, SEADREAM YACHT CLUB, highlights why their global yachting experiences can’t be compared to cruising.  

TCS World Travel is partnering with SEADREAM YACHT CLUB next year for an unparalleled voyage through the Mediterranean and Africa: Sea. Sky. Safari. 

The ocean-going portion of Sea. Sky. Safari. features SEADREAM’s award-winning service aboard a mega-yacht that’s exclusive to our group. We invited our partner to share what unique factors set the SEADREAM YACHT CLUB experience apart from big cruise vacations.

1. Open Deck Plans With Teak Decks

As you take the first steps on board, you can tell the atmosphere is different. Greeted by a warm welcome from the captain, you can be certain that SEADREAM is not a cruise. There’s something quite liberating as you explore the SEADREAM mega yacht’s open teak decks. The refreshing sea breeze can even be enjoyed at a romantic dinner onboard. Just one look at our yacht in port and you can experience just how unique SEADREAM truly is. 

2. Balinese Dream Beds Under Open Skies

Lounging at its finest, our Balinese Dream Beds make the yachting experience even more distinctive. You can enjoy unobstructed views as you watch the ever-changing backdrops of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea pass by. You can even sleep underneath a sea of stars on these beds, or treat yourself to an oversized bed at the front of the yacht. It’s romantic, relaxing and rewardingly peaceful.

3. Easy Access to Intimate Ports

Another perk of yachting? You can travel to where larger ships and cruises can’t go. With SEADREAM, you can enjoy the little luxuries of the harder to reach harbors. Stops in ports like Portofino and St. Tropez allow for more adventure, and more opportunities to create memories that last a lifetime. Share these unique SEADREAM moments with the friends you make onboard. We’re all yachting, not cruising—and that’s a great thing to have in common.

4. Award-Winning Personalized Service

The simplest difference that makes SEADREAM a true yachting experience is why guests come back over and over again: our award-winning service. Thanks to an exceptional two-to-one crew to guest ratio—exclusively for Sea. Sky. Safari.—each individual will feel as if they are on their very own private yacht. Our exceptional shore side staff and onboard crew pay close attention to the smallest of details to ensure a true SEADREAM YACHT CLUB experience to each of our guests. They remember your food preferences. They’ll go out of their way to meet your simplest of needs. They remember your name. You won’t be able to find service like this on a cruise.

Ready to start yachting? Experience the SEADREAM difference on the ocean-voyage portion of Sea. Sky. Safari., departing in May 2017.