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International multigenerational journeys offer beautiful respite from daily work and household routines, recharging family dynamics and strengthening bonds. Not only that, they're enlightening, a lot of fun—and easier to plan than you think.

With proper planning, multigenerational travel can transcend age and celebrate maturity, wonderment and innocence. This is true whether you're traveling as parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, or a whole extended family. Witnessing a herd of wild elephants for the first time, experiencing rural life in a remote village, and watching a tribe joyously welcome your family to theirs are soul-recharging, horizon-expanding encounters that all ages can appreciate. By introducing your family to the art of international travel, you create the space and time for everyone to grow closer, learn from each other and see the world from different perspectives.  

Below are five remarkable examples of the independent, multigenerational family journeys that our Private Travel department recently produced for some of our repeat-traveled guests.

Nature’s Greatest Theme Park

The matriarch of a large multigenerational family asked one of our Private Travel consultants to develop a private nine-day voyage through Ecuador’s famed Galápagos National Park and Marine Reserve for herself and 26 of her family members whose ages ranged from five to 72. Traveling together this summer from island to island aboard a privately chartered yacht, their journey incorporated fun junior park ranger training for the kids, and wildlife-packed age-appropriate nature hikes, snorkeling and kayak expeditions for all led by a Class III Naturalist Guide. With plenty of time to reflect on their shared experiences, they ate all of their meals together—perhaps for the first time ever—and learned firsthand how Charles Darwin's Galápagos research gave birth to the theory of evolution. Throughout the trip, they shared heartfelt conversations, and proved once and for all that not all family holidays have to include camping, roller coasters or water slides.

Five Countries, Five Generations

A well-traveled guest requested an intriguing 22-day family journey through Thailand, India, the Seychelles, South Africa and Dubai. The journey that we created for them incorporated fun and educational activities for the whole family to enjoy. Herself and 17 family members, ranging in age from 12 to 70, flew from country to country via a privately chartered Embraer Lineage 100 jet. Kids learned how to command an elephant on a mahout training course in Thailand; had their choice of canoeing, snorkeling or mountain biking in the Seychelles; visited a cheetah orphanage and went cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa; and rode shotgun off-roading sand dunes in Dubai. Adults relaxed in four and five-star luxury resorts at all stops, embraced mindfulness and practiced yogic meditation in India, and tasted world-class wines with sommeliers in South Africa. Together, the whole family took cooking classes, discovered Thailand's remote hill tribes, deep-sea fished in the Seychelles, and witnessed the Big Five on a stunning private game reserve in South Africa.

Shared Heritage

Four related guests requested a 13-day summertime journey for themselves and 27 of their family members to explore their Irish heritage. With stops throughout Ireland, the journey we planned for the group (ranging from two to 80 years old) was guided by our very own Richard Butler, and included the use of a privately chartered Boeing 757-200, castle tours, age-appropriate professional storytelling, private whiskey tastings for the adults, gorgeous lodgings with private breakfast rooms, nature hikes fit for any age, scavenger hunts and a historically themed costume dinner party. In between adventures among Ireland’s most engaging locales, they participated in a fun and educational mini Saint Patrick’s Team Challenge and ate all their dinners together—including a spectacular farewell dinner which included Irish musicians and dancers and Irish games for all ages.

Millennials in the Maldives, Boomers in Botswana

Custom itineraries for large multigenerational families always benefit from the use of a privately chartered jet. Recently we developed a luxurious 19-day multi-country private jet journey for an extended family of 16. Needing to escape a brutal North American winter, our guests took in the mighty Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and gathered for twice-daily safaris (and one magical helicopter fight) in Botswana. In the Maldives, kids took surfing lessons and snorkeled, while adults went deep-sea fishing and scuba diving on a chartered yacht. Our guests learned how to ride and steer Asiatic elephants, had an entire luxury camp to themselves, took a private Mekong River cruise and participated in a game of elephant polo in northern Thailand. The journey concluded in Jordan, where our family of guests snorkeled and dove in the Red Sea, explored Petra on foot and horseback and floated in the Dead Sea.


A client who travels year-round requested a 14-day custom summertime Alpine adventure for himself and his 18-year-old son. With stops throughout Switzerland and Italy’s famed Alps, this father-son journey included 4,000-foot long toboggan runs, skiing, climbing, hiking, cliff walks and ropes courses at altitudes upwards of 7,000 feet. In between adventures among numerous mountain ranges and glaciers, they explored a chocolate factory, Switzerland’s famed Swiss Army knife factory and specialty shops and restaurants from Zurich to Zermatt and nearly everywhere in between.

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