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  • Amber Shearer

Amber Shearer chats with us about her love of travel and the stops along her journey where she's left pieces of her heart.

Our Private Travel department specializes in planning, developing and operating all-inclusive, tailored, private luxury journeys for singles, couples and groups of any size or age.

Amber Shearer, Director of Private Travel, has explored more than 85 cities in 34 countries. Beyond the numbers, Amber is meticulously creative while planning itineraries. She loves her guests and has built a loyal and enthusiastic fan base. She has been with TCS World Travel for more than 10 years.

We sat down with Amber to find out what inspires her. Read on to learn why she could stay in Africa forever, where she wants to send you, and how travel might make you a better person.

Q: Which destinations have you loved visiting so far?

A: I feel as though I’ve left a bit of my heart in so many places it’s hard to narrow it down to only one or two. If I have to choose, I think about my trips to Africa and Patagonia on a daily basis.

Every destination I’ve been throughout Africa has been absolutely incredible. Botswana is my all-time favorite as it has the vast Kalahari Desert and the jaw-dropping Okavango Delta—which delivered the best game viewing I’ve ever experienced. Flying over the delta felt like I was in a National Geographic documentary. Botswana harbors the true adventure of travel, flying around via light aircraft as a taxi service, driving through the bush tracking animals, watching predators hunt their prey, and simply being in the middle of nature with no connection to the outside world. There’s something very beautiful and simple about being so remote and unavailable.

Patagonia delivered not only raw nature, brilliant colors, and the amazing experience of having four seasons in one day but the most amazing food and wine! I’m not a huge outdoors person so I was a bit reluctant to be thrown to the elements but I was delightfully surprised and enjoyed my time thoroughly.  I actually loved all my hikes, got to ride lovely horses, soaked in a hot tub overlooking Torres del Paine with a glass of amazing Chilean wine and woke up to breathtaking views of crystal blue glacier water, snowy mountain peaks, and wonderful wildlife. It blew my mind and challenged me in a very rewarding way.

Q: Which destinations do travelers need to know about?

A: In addition to the two destinations mentioned above, I enjoy sending people to places that deliver great experiences, such as East Africa, South Africa—on safari or to discover their world-class wine estatesRwanda, New Zealand and India. Every time I find myself in Africa and witness an African sunset I get this feeling of belonging. It’s not only adventurous, but there’s something unexplainably like home that brings a sense of peace unlike anywhere else I’ve been. I’ve never been to Rwanda, but everyone I’ve sent comes home saying they’re forever changed and it’s an experience of a lifetime. It’s on my life list for sure and I know that no matter who I send, they come back saying it was a true game-changer for them.

All my clients come home after visiting New Zealand saying it’s a very special place. The people are great, it has amazing lodges, and the beauty of the country itself really creates a special experience. India is the most exotic place I’ve traveled and probably one of the most fascinating destinations. The accommodations are without a doubt some of the best in the world—literal palaces. Outstanding food and culture. You come back a bit different after seeing the infrastructure, learning the history, and meeting the locals. It’s a place of wonder, intrigue, and complicated history and religion that truly leaves a great impression.

The Mediterranean is a place I would like to spend a lot more time. The lifestyle is something I envy and want to incorporate more into my day-to-day regime. I enjoy the food, sea and overall culture. Africa is a destination I would never turn down, ever. I always feel I get a bit of my heart back when I am lucky enough to return.

Q: What are the most memorable meals you’ve had on your travels?

A: This is a hard question as I’m a foodie and have had some great meals all over the world. The best ones are the unexpected ones, where you find yourself with friends, whether you just met or if you’re already traveling together, sharing stories, etc. I enjoy taking cooking classes internationally for this reason.  I’ve had great food—from the streets of Asia to the Michelin Starred restaurants in Europe. I am, however, cautious with food safety and always have my experienced guide direct me to the right places, whether it’s a street vendor or a local restaurant. 

Q:  What keeps you Inspired in the travel industry?

A: My personal love for travel, but also sending people to amazing places where they not only create lasting memories but come home changed with a larger worldview and different perspective. I love the challenge of getting my clients to remote destinations seamlessly. Surprising and delighting them along the way, whether that’s a surprise gourmet picnic or an unexpected gift. It’s nice knowing that you’re helping someone have a great experience that will be with them forever.

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