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This year let us charter any manner of private transportation for you, or any number of people, anywhere on Earth, through our Private Travel department.

TCS World Travel earned Number 1 “Tour Operator” in the Travel + Leisure 2017 World’s Best Awards for good reason. Beyond our fabulous journeys aboard our globe-spanning luxury jets—which are readily available for private chartering—our Private Travel department is able to charter literally any kind of vehicle your journey requires—jets of any size, dahabiyas, yachts and more.

Alaska Via Your Own Private Yacht

This summer one of our Private Travel Consultants designed an eight-day Alaskan journey for a group of nine long time friends, which included the exclusive use of a privately chartered, fully-staffed yacht. The journey she created for them included animal sightings of humpback and orca whales, Stellar sea lions and brown bears, as well as activities like kayaking, hiking and near-endless opportunities to fish for salmon and halibut. All of their meals were prepared by onboard chefs. Because our consultant chartered a US-flagged yacht for them, they were able to explore areas of Alaska that are strictly off-limits to foreign-flagged vessels. They took in spectacular glacier-filled vistas, countless waterfalls, and experienced a journey through seldom-visited subarctic fjords.

Egypt Via Your Own Private Dahabiya

If your sights are set on discovering Egypt this year on an itinerary built just for you, consider exploring its lesser-known riverine villages and tranquil estuaries along the Nile on a custom TCS World Travel itinerary aboard your own privately-chartered river ship: the Sanctuary Zein Nile Chateau. With only four cabins and two suites, it is the epitome of style. The Zein is a one-of-a-kind modern luxury dahabiya (traditional Egyptian sailing boat) that is the first of its kind on the Nile. With its extended open spaces, the Zein features a beautiful upper deck, an Arabian-themed sun deck and an opulently styled dining area. The ship has a maximum capacity of twelve guests. This smaller size means it can dock in more places than larger vessels and is able to deliver a very elevated level of personalization on your journey.

Hawaii via Your Own Private Jet

This summer, long-time clients of one of our Private Travel consultants contacted her to arrange a stunning luxury vacation in Hawaii for themselves and their extended multigenerational family. Wanting to maximize their time together, and eliminate any bothersome complicated connecting flights, the family asked our consultant to charter a beautiful Boeing 747 to fly them all there and back. Less travel time meant more time together exploring Hawaii on their very own custom itinerary.     

Argentina, Chile and Brazil Via Your Own Private Jet

Not wanting to waste a single moment of her guest’s travel time, one of our consultants was able to charter a small private jet for a group of friends wanting to explore the highlights of Argentina, Chile, and Brazil—an itinerary that typically forces guests to backtrack to major airports on multiple commercial flights. Chartering a small private jet allowed our consultant the freedom to expand the group’s itinerary to include guided explorations of Iguassu Falls, the Atacama Desert, San Carlos de Bariloche and Torres del Paine National Park before concluding in Rio de Jenero. Her guests stayed in four- and five-star accommodations throughout, and benefited from the best-available local guides when exploring. Not once did they have to re-route, join a cumbersome transfer, or think about anything other than the curated experiences our consultant planned for them.

The Loire Valley Aboard Your Own River Barge

One of our Private Travel consultants recently chartered a gorgeous fully-crewed, Dutch-designed river barge to transport and accommodate two of her guests on a private, tailored river journey she designed for them to explore France’s famed Loire Valley. Following a uniquely-designed route, the barge’s pilot leisurely guided the vessel down the river Cher, taking advantage of its shallow berth to dock alongside the jewel-like, 17th- and 18th-century riverside towns of Moulin de Nitray, Larcay, Vallet, Montrichard and Chissay en Touraine. Whether dining on or off their river barge, exploring numerous private châteaus or relaxing on deck, our guests’ only concern was which gold-medal wine to pair with which gourmet meal, sunset or private moment.

Would you like us to include chartered transportation for your next private holiday? Email us today at [email protected], call us at 800.454.4149. Alternatively, visit this page if you’re interested in chartering our custom-configured Boeing 757.