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  • View of Monte Otemanu, Bora Bora , French Polynesia

No one produces a better around-the-world journey than TCS World Travel. Now, you can build your very own around-the-world journeys, tailored to fit your interests, pace and schedule. Bring the kids, bring the family, or explore on your own—for as long as you want.

Just like our annual large-group Around the World journeys by private jet, your private around-the-world journey is all-inclusive, from best available transportation, accommodations and experiences, to customized activities and personalized dining experiences, tips and ground transportation. Let us know where you would like to explore, when you would like to travel and with whom you would like to travel with. We’ll take care of the rest.  

We’ve compiled five inspirational real-world examples of some of the tailored around-the-world journeys designed year-round for guests like yourself by our Private Travel consultants. 

A Five Month Worldwide Journey for One

A client requested a private, five-month global expedition that included stops in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco and Monaco. He sailed the Galápagos, hiked Machu Picchu, swam with pink river dolphins in the Amazon, explored an underground waterway in New Zealand, watched the sun rise above a ninth-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Indonesia, bicycled along rice paddies in Bali, walked on the Great Wall of China, trekked Nepal, gambled in Monte Carlo and went on safari in search of tigers in India.

A Six Week Around-the-World Journey for Two

One of our Private Travel consultants worked with a young couple who wanted to mirror a TCS Around the World experience, but with an itinerary designed exclusively for two. The journey created for them included luxury travel experiences throughout England, South Africa, Jordan, India, China, Australia and New Zealand. Based on their input, we designed a remarkable journey that included safaris, fabled landscapes, private tours and plenty of downtime to allow them to explore on their own. 

A Globe-Spanning Five Week Father and Son Journey

A father requested a custom five-week around-the-world journey for himself and his college-aged son that began and ended in Los Angeles, touching down in Fiji, South Korea, Mongolia, Bhutan, India, Russia, Croatia—as well as Cincinnati and Atlanta—along the way. They fished for wahu and mahi-mahi with local experts on a privately chartered yacht in Fiji; discovered dinosaur fossils, bearded vultures and singing sand dunes by horseback in Mongolia; and explored 12th-century Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. A local guide introduced them to the grand palaces of South Korea. They witnessed riverside invocations of Lord Shiva in India, explored St. Petersburg’s galleries, churches and restaurants on their own, and cruised among Croatia’s Elaphiti Islands with a local guide on a privately chartered yacht.

A Month-Long Around-the-World Journey for Two

Two frequent travelers requested a private month-long around-the-world journey that included stops in Hawaii, Bora Bora, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Qatar, Turkey and England. They took relaxation to heart during a slow-paced luxury resort stay in Maui, were wined and dined on private sunset cruises in Bora Bora, discovered breathtaking geologic wonders in New Zealand, explored Sydney with a private guide and driver, went scuba diving with a local divemaster in Bali, learned how to care for baby elephants in Chiang Rai, took private cooking classes in Istanbul, went desert glamping in Doha and explored London on bicycles with a local guide.

A Six Week Global Odyssey for a Family of Four

One of our Private Travel consultants designed a fun-filled private around-the-world journey for a couple traveling together with their two school-aged children. The journey we created for them included luxury travel experiences throughout Fiji, Indonesia, France, Iceland and Costa Rica. Based on their input, we designed a remarkable journey that included guided hikes and snorkeling in Fiji and opportunities to photograph orangutans, Komodo dragons and forest elephants in Indonesia. They hosted a mini family reunion in a gorgeous luxury apartment we rented for them in Paris—close to the Eiffel Tower. Before flying home they were introduced to some of Iceland’s famous waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs by a local guide. 

To Jet or Not to Jet

Most—but not all—of TCS’ around-the-world journeys are by private jet. Customized, private around-the-world journeys take advantage of whichever means of transportation suits you. Sometimes the journey is via private jet—perfect for large groups and families traveling together—but most of the time it’s via best-available commercial flights, private cars and drivers, privately chartered yachts, all types of chartered planes, helicopters, or via any combination of the above.  

Inspired? To request your own private around-the-world journey—or any kind of journey of your own, email us at [email protected], call us at 800.454.4149, or use our online form. Visit our web page to read more or request our catalog.