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TCS World Travel's Private Travel Consultants love to create custom itineraries that allow people to encounter Africa’s wildlife, cultures, landscapes and people. The continent continues to be one of our travelers’ preferred destinations. Regardless of how many times you’ve visited, there is always more to explore.

From the diverse, remote tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, to the vast reserves of wildlife in Kenya and Tanzania, to the wines, state-of-the-art conservation efforts and legendary safari camps of South Africa, the private, tailored journeys our Private Travel department create for you, your friends and family deliver well beyond expectation.   


Next year, gather your friends and family to embark on your own 11-day, all-encompassing expedition through Ethiopia. Let one of our Private Travel consultants build a custom itinerary for you that includes both a privately guided exploration of Lalibela’s 12th-century Orthodox churches in the north and guided introductions to numerous tribes in the remote southern Omo Valley. Wake to daily cups of world-famous Ethiopian coffee and photograph rare endemic wildlife in two national parks. Travel together with your friends, family or favorite travel companion—or by yourself.


In 2018, explore central and southern Kenya in remote luxury, far from the mass tourism often found in the north. Perfect for families, a small group of friends or solo travel, our custom itineraries take you through no less than three national parks and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage site privately-owned by The Nature Conservancy. Wind down from daily game drives, walking safaris and community visits in hand-picked, premier boutique camps and lodges—some with their own self-contained luxury villas.

South Africa

TCS World Travel's Private Travel Consultants make it easy to take your family to South Africa in 2018. The privately chartered and small commercial flights we pre-arrange for you allow you to comfortably and quickly transfer from one amazing experience to the next. Get over jet lag with spa treatments at a luxury villa in Johannesburg. Decamp to secluded lodges and conservancies, complete with multi-bedroom villas, your own private vehicle, staff, photography sessions and one-on-one visits with members of the Zulu nation. Spectacular big five game drives, walks and state-of-the-art conservation activities round out a tastefully curated introduction to the best of South Africa.


Go beyond the commercialized safari spots in Tanzania and delve into the country’s hidden boutique safari lodges and camps—spread out on a custom journey built for you by our Private Travel department. Discover five national parks, a sprawling private game reserve and a world-renowned conservation area. Travel from cities and parks to mainland beaches and cozy island retreats on one itinerary. Sundowners, remote game drives, walking safaris, hot air balloon rides, romantic dinners surrounded by premier wildlife—plus time to process it all on a white-sand beach before heading home—are guaranteed experiences for travelers to Tanzania in 2018.    

Have we inspired you to request your own custom Africa itinerary? Let us know! Email us at [email protected], call us at 800.454.4149 or visit our web page to request a tailored independent journey of your own.