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Journey independently with the help of our Private Travel department, year round to virtually anywhere on earth, with your friends, family or that special someone. 

For most of our guests, our large group journeys and smaller, in-depth Regional Trips are the best, most efficient ways to experience some of the world’s most intriguing destinations—one right after the other—typically from the comfort and convenience of a private jet. It’s what we’re known for. 

We’re also known for our fantastic tailored journeys

You’ve experienced phenomenal private jet journeys with us. Now what?

Independent travelers, couples, families and groups of any size have been traveling independently with us for years. On our Private Travel journeys, the same veteran trip planners and destination scouts create your trip, and the same local guides lead your experience. The only difference is the itinerary is tailored to you. You tell us where you want to go, what you want to do when you get there and how long you want to stay. With the help of a Private Travel consultant, you can journey virtually anywhere in the world, any time of year, with anyone you wish.  

What is a Private Travel consultant? 

Private Travel consultants are industry-proven, all-encompassing professional luxury travel planners. They are among our most traveled, most experienced staff and they live and breathe travel. Their passion and experience allows them to plan in ways that exceed expectation. They are not travel agents, but if you prefer to book your travel through an agent they'll happily work with yours. Our Private Travel consultants' insider access, refined operational acumen, vast destination knowledge, and white glove customer service position them as best of the best. They’re also fun to talk to, easy to work with and totally flexible.

Be Your Own Group

Plan your next holiday as you would your next dinner party: start with the guests. Create your own group, or travel solo. Does your group happen to include your entire multi-generational family? We specialize in family holidays. We love planning for kids of all ages, from the elderly to the newborn. What type of transportation is best for your journey? Sometimes a chartered jet is the best way to ensure that everyone departs and arrives at the same time, sometimes not. The options are virtually limitless.

Private Travel is the new easy.

We know travel is important to you year-round, whether it be for an imaginative family holiday, a fun personal vacation, or as a means to explore parts of the world that intrigue you. If you’ve traveled on any of our private jet journeys in the past, we'll waive our Private Travel development fee for you—for life. Start planning today, and in the meantime, stay updated on what we’re up to. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us at [email protected].

What some of our clients are saying about their Private Travel journeys.


Never before have I experienced such an amazing period of time in my life. Truly, you exceeded all expectations.
—Solo guest, customized private worldwide itinerary


You have done it again. We are most appreciative for your thorough planning and perfect execution. It has been minute-by-minute memorable for us. Thank you.
—Mother, customized private family vacation


I would never have been able to make the trip without your help, organization and follow-up. Everything worked out well beyond my wildest expectations. I have never had any trip go so well.
—Art aficionado, customized private journey


We really were on a TCS expedition, but for two. Great planning!
—Grateful husband, customized private around-the-world journey