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  • The Maldives

Discover the ease of a TCS World Travel journey.

Each of our meticulously orchestrated itineraries is a journey of a lifetime. It’s not just the natural wonders and iconic landmarks that make it so. We take the hassle out of travel so you are left with only the fun parts. Flying direct via custom-configured private jet to far-flung destinations, staying at luxury hotels, and partaking in customized immersive activities at each destination are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the other ways our trips deliver a worry-free travel experience: 


Think about how nice it would be to take a trip where you weren’t having to pull out your wallet multiple times a day. We have structured our journeys to make that wish a reality. The price of a trip incorporates large items like the jet, hotels, transportation and meals, but it also includes many other things. Guests are often surprised that items like activities, top-of-the-line guides, private dinners in restaurants, beverages and every single tip (guides, restaurants, hotel staff, drivers, etc.) are included. In addition, we give you some “walking around money” in the local currency at each stop. We also supply you with all the bottled water you can drink all day every day. We even provide you with postcards that we mail for you … all you have to do is write. 


How much would you pay for an “easy button”? That’s basically what you get when you travel with us. Our trip staff works to make your time with us almost effortless. We handle your luggage from plane to hotel room, we help fill out your documents such as landing cards and customs forms, and we have vehicles waiting for you every time you need transportation. We even have an onboard physician for your peace of mind. You can utterly relax and turn off the logistical part of your brain—we’ve got you covered.


Our journeys feature gourmet meals sourced from fresh, local ingredients both on the jet and on the ground. Gluten free? Vegan? Dairy free? No problem. We can accommodate your dietary restrictions and preferences so that you don’t have to worry about it. Have a favorite beverage you can’t live without? Don’t worry…we can stock it for you on the jet. We have fulfilled requests ranging from providing Hawaiian Punch on the plane to fetching Scotch from the jet on the ground in Papua New Guinea.

Interested in experiencing travel our way? Give us a call or fill out this form to receive more information.