• Provence, France

Knowledge is a gift of travel. TCS World Travel expeditions enrich your understanding of the world by pairing immersive experiences with knowledgeable experts and local guides, who add a new perspective to your journey. We’ve invited David Keeling to accompany you throughout the trip and bring each destination to life with real-time insights into culture, history and daily life. Go beyond the destination with enriching experiences you can’t find anywhere else—experiences that challenge, move and inspire you.

David Keeling

David Keeling is a professor and head of Western Kentucky University’s Department of Geography and Geology. His research interests include the geography of exploration and discovery, regional development, environmental change and geopolitics. Professor Keeling has published widely on these issues and has visited more than 175 countries. He has joined more than 15 TCS World Travel trips, elucidating each location with engaging anecdotes and knowledge.