• Borobudur Temple, Central Java, Indonesia

Stanford, USA
Hokkaido, Japan
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Galle, Sri Lanka
Kathmandu, Nepal
Dehradun, India
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Muscat, Oman
Isfahan, Iran
Marrakech, Morocco
Paris, France

$115,000 // per person, double occupancy
$126,000 // per person, single occupancy

Visit 10 countries whose recent histories and political differences belie the fact that they have surprising deep cultural connections and shared ideologies. Traveling from place to place aboard our private jet, experience an incredibly diverse range of landscapes, cultures and experiences—from the glorious temples of Java and the historic wonders of Sri Lanka to the culture and traditions of Oman, Iran and Morocco. Delve into the history of Nepal, witness sacred ceremonies on the banks of India’s Ganges and marvel at the legacy of Timur’s reign in Uzbekistan.

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