Ultimate Flexibility


AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Refund Protection: To provide you with flexibility for your travel plans, TCS provides ‘Full Refund Protection’, where eligible guests can cancel their booking for any reason through October 11, 2022 and TCS will issue a full refund of the payment made at time of deposit within 60 days prior to the World Less Traveled trip departure, without the guest incurring any per person cancellation fee. Following October 11, 2022, TCS’s standard cancellation and refund policy above shall apply. Only those guests who submit a signed reservation form by October 31, 2022 for this World Less Traveled trip and submit 50% of the double occupancy trip price plus an additional fee of $10,000 per person at time of deposit ($64,000) are eligible for the ‘Full Refund Protection’ plan. See reservation form for World Less Traveled for full details.