This 21-day journey of remarkable scope and depth explores the wildlife, landscapes and cultural wonders of eight diverse countries on this fascinating continent. Travel the length and breadth of Africa, from the vast plains of the Serengeti to the jungles of Rwanda and vineyards of South Africa, flying direct to most remote locations.

21 Days 11 Days
8 Destinations 11 Destinations
50 Guests 11 Guests
Big Jet big jet Boeing 757
Pace - Moderate pace Moderate Pace
Lie-Flat Seats Asset 60 Lie-Flat Seats

What's Included

The price of this all-inclusive expedition covers everything from travel on our private jet, hotels, meals and ground transportation, down to all daily activities, top-of-the-line guides, beverages and all tips. 

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  1. Temperature temperature 52F/34F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.7 inches
    Currency currency Swiss Franc
    Time Zone timezone GMT +1

    Located on a lake backed by the Alps, Zürich is postcard ready.

    Arrive in Zürich on your independent flight and meet fellow travelers and your expedition staff for a welcome dinner at the Dolder Grand, which boasts a panoramic view of the city, Lake Zürich and the Alps. We depart for Ethiopia the following day.

    Zürich to Addis Ababa 6H 15M
  2. Temperature temperature 73F/57F
    Rainfall rainfall 5.06 inches
    Currency currency Ethiopian Birr
    Time Zone timezone GMT +3

    From Mount Entoto to holy Lalibela, Ethiopia is a site of pilgrimage.

    Explore Addis Ababa, set in the foothills of the majestic Entoto Mountains, or choose to take a charter flight to the holy city of Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to see the monolithic rock-hewn churches. 

    Addis Ababa to Mahé 3H 20M
  3. Temperature temperature 88F/77F
    Rainfall rainfall 6.5 inches
    Currency currency Seychellois Rupee
    Time Zone timezone GMT +4

    Witness the incredible biodiversity of the Seychelles.

    An immaculately preserved island paradise set in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles could have been taken directly from the pages of your favorite travel magazine. Nicknamed “The Galápagos of the Indian Ocean,” the islands serve as sanctuary to a spectacular array of wildlife, from giant Aldabra tortoises to tropicbirds. Island culture is a colorful mix of Asian, African and European heritages, creating multiethnic customs that will leave an unforgettable impression.

    Mahé to Kilimanjaro 3H + Local Flight
  4. Temperature temperature 84F/61F
    Rainfall rainfall 5.1 inches
    Currency currency Tanzanian Shilling
    Time Zone timezone GMT +3

    Tanzania is one of the world’s greatest wildlife destinations.

    Throughout the year, more than a million wildebeest, accompanied by gazelles and zebras, make a circuitous, perilous trek across the Serengeti, seeking out fresh grazing and water. Along the way, they encounter lions, leopards, crocodiles and other carnivores on the hunt, resulting in a primal spectacle unlike any other.

    • High Elevation Asset 1 7,500 feet
      Temperature temperature 73F/50F
      Currency currency Tanzania Shilling
      Time Zone timezone GMT +3

      Seek out the legendary big five in the Ngorongoro Crater.

      If you’d like to see a different side of Tanzania, opt to visit the Ngorongoro Crater, the largest unbroken caldera in the world. Guests choosing this alternate will travel separately by local air and meet up with the rest of the group before heading to our next destination.

    Kilimanjaro to Cape Town 5H 30M
  5. Temperature temperature 77F/57F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.18 inches
    Currency currency South African Rand
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Rich history and stunning natural landscapes sit at the tip of Africa.

    Surrounded by wild Atlantic surf and world-renowned vineyards, Cape Town is a stylish outpost at the edge of the Earth. The city’s most beloved landmark is the majestic Table Mountain, a flat-topped mountain that soars two-thirds of a mile above sea level, offering views to the nearby Cape Winelands and beyond.

    Cape Town to Walvis Bay 1H 50M
  6. Temperature temperature 85F/61F
    Rainfall rainfall .21 inches
    Currency currency Namibian Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Soar over a coast of cresting sand dunes.

    Arguably the world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert has existed for about 43 million years. Its stunning landscapes are in constant flux with sand dunes and plains of all sizes and shapes stretching along its coast. As a testament to the importance of this starkly beautiful environment, Namibia is the first African country with an environmental conservation clause in its constitution.

    Walvis Bay to Maun 1H 30M + Local Flight
  7. Temperature temperature 90F/66F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.9 inches
    Currency currency Botswana Pula
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Spot a variety of big game in the wetlands of the Okavango Delta.

    The Okavango Delta is a wetland oasis—a wild maze of floodplains, narrow waterways and lagoons—and offers a completely different experience than the vast, dry vistas common on most East African safaris. Set out on a water safari, cruising at the gentle pace of a poled mokoro, a dugout canoe.

    Maun to Livingstone 30M
  8. Temperature temperature 87F/65F
    Rainfall rainfall 3.0 inches
    Currency currency Zambian Kwacha
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Survey the splendor of Victoria Falls, a Natural Wonder of the World.

    Zambia is one of the most water-rich countries in Africa with its many rivers cascading into fabulous displays. See the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage site named by Scottish explorer Dr. David Livingstone for his queen.

    Livingstone to Kigali 2H 30M
  9. High Elevation Asset 1 7,200 feet
    Temperature temperature 79F/59F
    Rainfall rainfall 6.68 inches
    Currency currency Rwandan Franc

    Come face-to-face with mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

    Land in Kigali and depart directly for two nights in the verdant mountains of Volcanoes National Park, where Dian Fossey famously studied mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Accompanied by an expert naturalist guide, hike through beautiful bamboo forests to get up close with a family of gorillas.

    • Currency currency Rwandan Franc
      Time Zone timezone GMT +2

      Discover Kigali, the cultural heart of Rwanda.

      Opt to spend two nights in Kigali instead of gorilla trekking in the mountains and get a feel for the growing city's cosmopolitan culture amid its wide tree-lined boulevards and lively markets. Guests choosing this alternate will meet up with the rest of the group before heading to our next destination.

    Kigali to Zürich 9H 10M, including tech stop
  10. Temperature temperature 52F/34F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.7 inches
    Currency currency Swiss Franc
    Time Zone timezone GMT +1

    Return to Zürich to recap your journey around Africa with new friends.

    Our journey ends in Zürich, where we return to the alpine haven of the Dolder Grand for an overnight stay before catching our independent flights home the following day.

Victoria Falls

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Throughout your flight, you’ll have highly trained staff and crew at your service. They’ll know your name, likes and dislikes, so you can have the most personalized experience possible. An executive chef creates in-flight menus with only the freshest ingredients, providing a first-class experience all the way.

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