Our flagship journey offers a life list of iconic destinations in a single itinerary. Fly by custom-configured private jet to explore nine of the world’s most legendary places and natural wonders.

24 Days 11 Days
9 Destinations 11 Destinations
48 guests Guests
Pace - Moderate pace Moderate Pace
Flatbed Seats Asset 60 Flatbed Seats
Boeing 757 (48-seat) big jet Boeing 757

What's Included

The price of this all-inclusive expedition covers everything from travel on our private jet, hotels, ground transportation and meals, down to all daily activities, top-of-the-line guides, beverages and every single tip.

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  1. Temperature temperature 84F/72F
    Rainfall rainfall 7 Inches
    Currency currency U.S. Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT -4

    Begin your journey of a lifetime

    Meet fellow travelers, your expedition leaders and dedicated guest services staff at a festive welcome dinner at the hotel.

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  2. Temperature temperature 68F/55F
    Currency currency Nuevo Sol
    High elevation(new) Cusco: 10,657 FT Machu Picchu: 7,972 FT
    Rainfall rainfall 0 Inches

    Peru offers diverse landscapes and a warm, lively culture

    In historic Cusco, see how Inca and Spanish cultures intertwine. Travel aboard a historic train to Machu Picchu, one of the world's most astonishing archeological treasures. Visit the Inca ruins in Sacsayhuaman.

    • Temperature temperature 77F/70F
      Rainfall rainfall 0 Inches
      Currency currency Nuevo Sol
      Time Zone timezone GMT -5

      Explore Peru's less-traveled northern coast.

      If you’ve already visited Machu Picchu, consider traveling to Peru’s North Coast, a region filled with stunning natural scenery, deeply rooted traditions and archaeological wonders from several pre-Inca cultures. Guests choosing this alternate will travel separately by local air and meet up with the rest of the group before heading to our next destination.

    PERU TO EASTER ISLAND: 6H 55M (includes charter)
  3. Temperature temperature 68F/63F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.9 Inches
    Currency currency Chilean Peso
    Time Zone timezone GMT -5

    Investigate the mystery of the moai on this remote Pacific island.

    Stand in awe on the grassy landscape of Rapa Nui National Park and the Ahu Tahai ceremonial complex as you discover the remains of this mysterious ancient culture. Feel the awesome isolation of the island's rolling green hills, where wild horses roam. Indulge in a festive dinner complete with elaborately costumed entertainers performing traditional song and dance.

  4. Temperature temperature 81F/70F
    Rainfall rainfall 6 Inches
    Currency currency Fijian Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT +12

    Rest and recharge on the tropical paradise of Fiji

    Lose a day crossing the international date line and relax at our beachfront resort on picturesque Denarau Island. Spend your time enjoying the tranquility of your surroundings.

  5. Temperature temperature 85F/72F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.8 Inches
    Currency currency Australian Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT +10

    Immerse yourself in the marine life of the Great Barrier Reef

    The northeast coast of Australia is home to some of the world's most unique natural wonders. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system, composed of roughly 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 1,600 miles.

  6. Temperature temperature 88F/75F
    Rainfall rainfall 8.5 Inches
    Currency currency Cambodian Riel
    Time Zone timezone GMT +7

    Absorb the majesty of Angkor Wat

    The city of Angkor Thom represents ancient urban planning at its best. This “city of temples” incorporates canals, large water reservoirs and, of course, temples, including the famous Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm.

    SIEM REAP TO JAIPUR: 5H 40M (includes day trip to agra)
  7. Temperature temperature 93F/66F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.9 Inches
    Currency currency Indian Rupee
    Time Zone timezone GMT +5.5

    Marvel at a monumental testament to enduring love

    See perhaps the world’s most famous building, the Taj Mahal, the white marble mausoleum that took more than 22 years and 20,000 people to build. Then immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of culture, cuisine and architecture of Jaipur.

  8. Temperature temperature 82F/59F
    Rainfall rainfall 2 Inches
    Currency currency Tanzanian Shilling
    Time Zone timezone GMT +3

    Tanzania is one of the world’s greatest wildlife destinations

    Choose on a first-come, first-served basis between one of two ways to experience the wonders of Tanzania. Opt to witness the great migration across the Serengeti plains or experience Ngorongoro Crater, a natural amphitheater with one of the densest populations of large animals anywhere.

    • Temperature temperature 72F/48F
      Rainfall rainfall 3.9 Inches
      Currency currency Tanzanian Shilling
      High elevation(new) 7,500 FT

      Seek out the legendary big five in the Ngorongoro Crater

      Visit the Ngorongoro Crater, the largest unbroken caldera in the world. Guests choosing this destination will travel separately by local air and meet up with the rest of the group before heading to our next destination.

  9. Temperature temperature 81F/54F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.2 Inches
    Currency currency Jordanian Dinar
    Time Zone timezone GMT +3

    Visit the Lost City of Petra, famous for its rock-cut architecture

    Nearly two-thirds of Jordan is covered by great expanses of arid desert. Gold-tinged red sandstone cliffs arch up into the sky, while plateaus eroded by winds stretch toward the horizon. In the middle of this stark beauty lies Petra. Petra’s architecture reflects a fusion of ideas and styles, combining traditional Nabataean rock-cut buildings with Hellenistic façades featuring columns and intricate sculptures.

  10. Temperature temperature 81F/59F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.9 Inches
    Currency currency Moroccan Dirham
    Time Zone timezone GMT +1

    Experience a feast of the senses in the imperial city of Marrakech

    Lying in the fertile Haouz plain at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech has some of the most impressive examples of Islamic architecture in existence. Perhaps the highlight of Marrakech, Jemaa el-Fna square is the heart of one of the most vibrant and historic medinas in the world. This ancient walled quarter is filled with narrow, maze-like streets crowded with merchants, fire-eaters, snake charmers, musicians and entertainers.