Sentient private jet

Go Anywhere Sentient Jet Flies On Your Own Private Jet—And On Your Own Schedule


As a member of our Moai Club, you are eligible to receive an exclusive private jet card opportunity from Sentient Jet:

Purchase a Sentient 20-Hour Jet Card* (normally a 25-hour minimum requirement) and receive one complimentary hour of flight time and a $2,000 credit toward a future trip with TCS World Travel.

Should you wish, our Travel consultants can plan a trip for you using these Sentient hours for your transportation between destinations.


Enjoy Members-Only Benefits

Moai Club members who take advantage of this exclusive offer will enjoy the perks of being a Sentient Jet Cardholder, which include:

  • Guaranteed fixed and all-inclusive hourly rates
  • Choice of four jet size categories (light, mid, super-mid and large)
  • Ease of booking through a dedicated 24/7 team who handles all the trip details
  • Aircraft availability with as little as 72 hours’ notice

This offer expires December 31, 2020.
Call Sentient Jet at 781.763.0240 for full details.

  • Who should a guest contact to book travel using their Sentient Jet card?
    • Travel arrangements can be made using the Sentient Jet app or by contacting Sentient Jet directly at 781.763.0240.
    • Sentient Jet has a dedicated account executive for TCS guests available during business hours.
  • How far in advance do you need to book a Sentient Jet?
    • Sentient Jet has guaranteed availability starting at 10 hours of notice, but this may vary depending on the type of private jet being reserved. Contact Sentient Jet for more details.
  • What types of jets are available with the SJ25+ Super Mid Jet Card?
    • Guests may pick from one of six jets in the Super-Mid category. Current aircraft in that category includes the Bombadier Challenger 300 series, Gulfstream 200 series, the Dassault Falcon 2000 and 50EXseries and the Citation Sovereign and Citation X series.
  • How does Sentient Jet approach safety?
    • Sentient Jet rigorously screens and certifies all of its private jet operators and the pilots and aircraft used. Less than 20% of the more than 575 private jet operators in the US have passed this certification process.
  • Where does Sentient Jet fly? Do they operate from my local airport?
    • Sentient Jet operates throughout the United States and in select markets in Europe. Guests should contact Sentient Jet to ask about specific markets.
  •  When does my credit for future travel on a TCS World Travel trip expire?
    • Your $2,000 credit can be applied to any future trip for which travel is completed no later than December 31, 2023. The credit can be used on either a TCS group jet expedition or a custom travel trip. This offer cannot be combined with other offers, and is for new Sentient Jet Card holders only.