Around the World

by Private Jet

Taj Mahal, India

Our around-the-world luxury jet expeditions are the ultimate travel experience. Circle the globe by private jet in three weeks, exploring eight to 10 incredible destinations and enjoying immersive experiences in each. Our team of experts attends to every detail of your unforgettable trip, down to handling your luggage on the journey, and our custom-configured private jet flies straight to many destinations, including places hard to reach by commercial air. Experience world travel the way it was meant to be on one of our around-the-world tours.

Around the World: A Private Jet Expedition

Our flagship luxury jet expedition makes it possible to begin your day with a view of the Taj Mahal and enjoy dinner in the Serengeti. Discover a life list of must-see destinations—from Machu Picchu to Marrakech, Angkor Wat to Easter Island—on one seamless, all-inclusive itinerary.

Upcoming Departures:

January 2019 and September 2019

Northern Summer: A Journey Around the World

Follow the midnight sun around the globe to the world’s northernmost reaches. Explore Mongolia’s Gobi Desert and discover Russia’s imperial treasures in St. Petersburg. Experience the magic of long summer days in Reykjavik, soar over Greenland’s starkly beautiful glaciers and cruise the fjords of the Svalbard Islands on this journey of eternal summer.

Upcoming Departures:

June 2019