Your Health

Machu Picchu, Peru

Prioritizing guest health and safety is not a new initiative for TCS World Travel. For over twenty years our trips have been developed with input from our physician partners Dr. Burke and BostonMD.  They have created protocols for guest safety and provided us with highly training emergency room physicians who travel with and administer services on our jet expeditions.

During this time of heightened awareness around global health and safety, we want to assure you that Dr. Burke and his team—who are deeply involved with international health and regulatory organizations—consult with us on a biweekly basis. They are taking a deep dive into every aspect of our trips to develop and refine our health and safety operations based on evolving best practices. Please watch this short video by Dr. Burke for an explanation of how he and his team have partnered with us every step of the way.

Dr. Thomas Burke

Keeping You Safe