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We Are the World's Most Awarded Private Jet Expedition Company

The leading innovator in private jet expeditions, TCS has hosted guests on adventures of a lifetime for over 30 years.

The Private Jet Advantage

A gateway to new experiences and possibilities, the new jet allows you to travel in comfort and ease with a professional team of experienced staff and crew.

Aircraft is operated by Titan Airways Limited.

Pioneering Innovation

Travel aboard the newest jet in the Group Jet Expedition category, with the largest cabin by height and width of any single-aisle aircraft. The Airbus A321 is 30% more fuel efficient than a Boeing 757 and for your safety, incorporates the most up-to-date, hospital-grade air filtration system that renews the cabin air every few minutes.

Comfort & Ease

The private jet becomes your home in the sky for the entire tour. Your comfort is assured with a roomy interior custom-configured with only 52 flatbed Italian leather seats that offer 6.5 feet of personal reclining space.

Experienced Staff & Crew

Taking care of you is an exceptional 18-member team of flight crew and staff. Your experienced expedition leader and two assistant leaders manage all logistics and handle all details, making your trip hassle-free. Also flying with you are an on-board chef, photographer, two subject matter experts, and an emergency-room trained physician.

In-Flight Amenities

Onboard amenities include Bose noise-cancelling headsets, iPads for streaming curated content and L’Occitane products. Onboard connectivity features an enhanced in-flight presentation system, on-demand entertainment and WiFi.

Upcoming Private Jet Expeditions

Bringing Each Destination to Life

Expedition Team

Experienced Expedition Team

Our experienced Expedition Leaders travel with you on your journey and oversee all the details of your trip so that you can just relax and enjoy it. They are full-time TCS staff members, meaning they are focused on your experience all year long. The team also handles your luggage throughout the journey so that you remain unencumbered. For your peace of mind, a physician will accompany you the entire journey.

TCS World Travel Expert Bill Saturno

World-Renowned Experts

At the heart of our expeditions is the desire to connect you with the cultures of the places we visit. Our on-trip subject matter experts travel with you the whole journey to enrich your experience, sharing their expertise both in the air and on the ground and cultural context and connections. Also available for informal chats over meals and during excursions, they come from a variety of backgrounds including history, art, science and diplomacy.

Local staff, India

Local Guides and Staff

Our local guides help bring each destination to life, providing unique insights into each location. They live in the community and connect you to the culture as well as guide you through sights, customs and airports.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Insider Access and Immersive Experiences

Our trip planners bring you special access to some of the world’s greatest sites and unique experiences you can only get with us, allowing you to make authentic connections with the people, wildlife, cultural treasures and natural wonders that inhabit the Earth.

Airbus A321

Your Next Adventure Awaits

Our upcoming expeditions cover a range of destinations and departure dates. Discover the perfect journey for you.

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