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At each destination, we book the best available accommodations for our group. Wherever possible, these are five-star properties and, when unavailable, the highest star-rated property in the vicinity. They are selected keeping in mind proximity to sights and ease of access to reduce driving distances. A paid upgrade to a suite is possible in some cases. These are some examples of accommodation you might find on your expedition. 

Cosmopolitan City-Center Hotels

Big-city accommodations that balance luxury and convenience. We book high-end hotels in the heart of the city with easy access to cultural landmarks and fine dining. These hotels may be deeply traditional or profoundly modern in aesthetics, but they always come with personalized services and bespoke amenities.

Opulent Former Palaces

Converted into hotels, these properties are lavish in design and architecture and indulgent in modern luxuries. These one-of-a-kind properties give you a taste of the opulent lifestyles of the past and capture the essence of the destination. Each luxury palace hotel has a distinctive identity with a tradition of hospitality and service fit for royalty.

Safari Lodges

Known for their fantastic natural locations and excellent views, experience the surrounding nature and wildlife in these properties. Unlike tented camps, they are permanent brick-and-mortar structures with common spaces like a bar, restaurant, pool, and terraces. Guests enjoy the comfort of top-notch lodgings in wildlife-rich areas and bespoke safari experiences with the best wilderness guides.

Luxury Glamping Tents

These tented camps are known for their immersive wildlife-viewing experiences and are usually located at strategic vantage points in the heart of a pristine wilderness. Though your spacious tent has canvas walls, and you fall asleep to the sounds of the bush, there is no compromise on comfort. You are far from civilization but still get first-class amenities, stellar service, and expert wildlife guides.


Relax at beach destinations or in the countryside, these properties offer a variety of luxurious accommodations built to let you soak in the natural beauty of the destination. Stay at an overwater bungalow or oceanfront villa facing a turquoise lagoon, or at a chateau or farmhouse on an estate, usually with gourmet dining and recreational facilities.


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