travel inspirationThe Best Places to Visit in May

Vilnius, Lithuania

Our travel experts carefully plan our luxury jet expeditions so that you touch down in each unique destination during an optimal time of year. Spring is the perfect time to see some exceptional displays of nature while avoiding crowds of tourists. Town and Country magazine featured some of TCS World Travel President Shelley Cline’s picks for the best places to visit in May, including Croatia, Lithuania and Madagascar. For inspiration as you plan your spring travels, browse her recommendations below.

Croatia’s Adriatic Coast

Imagine Roman ruins set against the stunning colors of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast, and you can really envision how magical it must have been during the Roman times. May is the time to go, so you don’t have to share the narrow streets of the charming small towns with tourists during the high season.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The architecture of Vilnius, Lithuania is old and the streets are cobbled, which is charming, but the vibe of the city is fresh and new. May is the perfect time to visit because the weather is relatively mild, and it’s before the tourist rush in the summer.


Madagascar is the only place, aside from zoos, where you can see lemurs—that is reason enough to put it on your list. May is the start of the dry season, but the landscapes are still lush from the rain in the previous months, so it’s the perfect time to go.