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How to Pack for an Around-the-World Trip


The globetrotting pros at TCS World Travel have the inside scoop on what you really need for your around-the-world journey—and what you can leave behind.

The excitement mounts as the departure date for your around-the-world trip quickly approaches. Then you remember—it’s time to pack. 

Prepping for a three-week journey filled with variable climates and diverse activities is a daunting prospect, even for the most experienced traveler. TCS World Travel makes around-the-world journeys simpler by handling your luggage throughout the expedition and making laundry services available, as well as providing essentials like sunscreen and bug spray. 

But circumnavigating the globe by private jet means the day can begin in Tibet, where it’s 50 degrees and cloudy, then end in Myanmar, where it’s 90 degrees and sunny. Plus, with so many amazing things to see and do each day, you’ll want to minimize the amount of time you spend dealing with your suitcase.

Here are the essentials you will need on any around-the-world journey, plus a few expert tips on streamlining your suitcase for a perfectly-packed vacation.


Heed the wisdom of Jen DuBois, TCS World Travel vice president of operations: "You really only need six days worth of clothing." That's because most, if not all, accommodations on TCS World Travel trips offer laundry service. What you need:

  • One week of clothing, preferably lightweight separates in a similar color palette that you can mix and match
  • One week of underwear
  • Swimwear and workout-wear
  • Warm, lightweight jacket to layer up or down
  • Lightweight long pants made from quick-dry materials
  • Long maxi skirt for women
  • Scarves for easy accessorizing

"Most of the day you're sightseeing, but at night you might want to dress up. A scarf can make the outfit you're wearing dressier." -Lisa Whiteman, Senior Guest Services Manager, traveled to 25 countries 


A typical around-the-world journey with TCS World Travel takes you from a hike in Machu Picchu to a safari on the Serengeti Plain. That’s why you need:

  • At least two pairs of comfortable walking shoes with good tread
  • Compression socks to keep your feet and legs happy on longer flights
  • Casual slip-ons or flip-flops to wear when you’re relaxing at the hotel
  • Nothing brand new that you’ll need to break in on the trip

"It's necessary to have at least two pairs of shoes. If you're walking in the rain and your shoes get soggy, you don't want to wear them the next day." -Nancy Quinn, Program Manager, traveled to 40 countries and seven continents 


Portable electronic items are an essential part of the modern travel experience. If you’re documenting your journey or keeping in touch with friends and family on a mobile device, be sure to also bring the following:

  • Backup phone charger, especially if you’re taking photos on your phone
  • Compact battery charger for when you need to power up devices on the go and don’t have access to a wall outlet
  • Multiple-outlet adapter with USB ports, so you can charge several devices at the same time
  • Digital camera memory card with a high capacity if you plan to take videos or high-resolution photos
  • TCS World Travel provides guests one universal plug adapter

"One thing that I haven't been traveling with, but I wish I did, is a watch. I'm 100 percent reliant on mobile devices, but it drains your battery." -Jen DuBois, Vice President of Operations, traveled to 65 countries


Our experts agree that keeping a suitcase organized is as important as what you bring. Compartmentalizing your bag keeps everything neat and compact, especially at the end of the trip when you want room for souvenirs.

  • Color-coded, compressible packing cubes in a variety of sizes to separate clothing, footwear and accessories
  • Clear, plastic bags in multiple sizes
  • Durable, all-purpose nylon zip pouch
  • Collapsible, lightweight backpack to use for daily activities

"Include a lightweight duffel bag to store all your clothes at the end of the trip, thus leaving your hard-sided big bag to transport all of your priceless artifacts purchased on the trip." -Scott Leviton, Director of Guest Relations, traveled to 105 countries and seven continents 

Personal Items 

Your day-to-day needs don’t change just because you’re traveling. In fact, you might need those personal must-haves more than ever when you’re on the go. 

  • Backup pair of glasses or contacts if you rely on these
  • Vitamins, prescriptions or supplements you regularly take
  • Over-the-counter painkillers, cold medication or other drugs you prefer
  • Your favorite brand of sunscreen, especially if you have sensitive skin
  • Forget your hair dryer at home—most hotels provide one

"I only travel with the jewelry I wear. I might buy something local and fun on the trip." -Jen DuBois, Vice President of Operations