Namibia's Desert Beaches on the Skeleton Coast

Namibia Dunes

On Namibia’s northern coastline the stark beauty of one of the world’s oldest deserts meets an Atlantic current rich with sea life. The result is a temperate desert coastline unlike anything else on earth.

The dominant feature of the region is the Namib Desert, an arid environment of towering sand dunes, dry riverbeds and empty canyons. Namib means “vast place” and this desert’s long stretches of empty beach and dune are often described as lonely or bleak. However, a closer look shows that the desert is alive with unique reptiles, insects and plant life.

Wind-shaped dunes
Wind-shaped dunes
Seal Namib coast
Seal Namib Coast
Skeleton Coast shipwreck
Skeleton Coast shipwreck
Dune drive, Namibia
Dune Drive, Namibia
Himba tribe, Namibia
Himba Tribe, Namibia