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Falcon 7x Private Jet

TCS World Travel is the world’s premier operator of private jet tours. Travel with us and experience the most incredible destinations in the world with the most incredible team in the world. Our staff works day and night to ensure your private journey aboard the Dassault Falcon private jet is one of comfort, safety, and world class service.


If you are looking to rent a large cabin private jet you will have a hard time beating the Dassault Falcon 7x private jet. A product of French aerospace corporation Dassault, the Falcon 7x first premiered at the 2001 Paris airshow and entered commercial service in 2007. To date more than 290 Falcon 7x private jets have been produced for several civil and private buyers. Celebrity owners include Steven Spielberg.


Wingspan: 86′
Powerplant: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306D
Maximum Speed: 691 MPH
Service Ceiling: 51,000 feet

Falcon 7
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