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Josh Newman

Josh Newman

Born and raised in New Zealand, Josh Newman is a globetrotting filmmaker with a passion for adventure and the natural world. Josh has traveled to more than 115 countries and all seven continents on assignment, capturing stories that celebrate the diversity in nature, science and humanity. From erupting volcanoes to blooming orchids, Josh‘s career has been filled with unexpected discoveries.

In 2015, Josh documented National Geographic’s 125th anniversary expedition, a journey celebrating the natural history of our planet with a dream team of scientists. The trip included a deep dive along Palau’s tropical reefs with world-renowned oceanographer Silvia Earle, exploring southern Africa with paleoanthropologist Don Johanson, and visiting wildlife filmmakers Derick and Beverly Joubert on site in Botswana. Three years later, Josh’s work led to a project where science fiction and clean technology collide: autonomous electric aviation and the future of commercial air travel.

In his latest project, Josh is directing a documentary on scientific discoveries in Ecuador’s Choćo Cloud Forest, one of the world’s supreme hotspots for biodiversity. Josh and his wife, Melinda, split their time between Washington, Alaska and New Zealand.

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