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Shauna Isaac

shauna isaac

Shauna Isaac is an expert in art looted during the Second World War and has worked with families and various organizations to return Nazi looted art. She set up the Central Registry on Looted Cultural Property and served as a member of the Working Group for the Holocaust Era Assets Conference in Prague, where she helped draft the Terezin Declaration, which was ratified by 49 countries. She has presented on this topic at numerous academic conferences and conducts provenance research for families, government agencies and law firms.

Shauna has consulted on art exhibitions and organized sold-out events programs to coincide with the exhibits. She was awarded a grant from the Arts Council of England to develop an online lecture series during the pandemic and also gives specialist walking tours in London.

Born in Seattle, she currently resides in London with her husband and twin daughters. Shauna studied at Smith College and the Courtauld Institute of Art. As an accredited Arts Society lecturer, Shauna has been fortunate enough to travel all over the world and discuss subjects that she is passionate about.

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