Our Insider in India, Raju Singh
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Our Insider in India, Raju Singh

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India is a seemingly endless land of delights and one of our favorite stops. Our Luxury Custom Travel experts will work with Raju to add pre- or post-trip options to customize your journey.

Here, Raju tells us a bit about what guests can expect from their stop in this dynamic country, filled with vibrant sights, rich sounds and delightful people, as well as tips for exploring Rajasthan further. 


If someone is visiting Rajasthan for the first time, what should they expect?

The desert land of Rajasthan lies wedged between two major river systems of the Indian subcontinent, peopled by a remarkable warrior race of valiant fighters and passionate builders who ruled from their numerous hill fortresses. This geographical region nurtured an extraordinary culture, rich in legends of romance and chivalry, sacrifice and heroic deeds.

What are the highlights of our time in the desert?

As far as I’m concerned, everything! It’s the jeep safari to visit ancient desert tribes and the unique opium ceremony, to the campsite in the desert wilderness and the sunset camel rides followed by dinner with entertainment by haunting gypsy musicians and dancers. And finally waking up in the Thar Desert with tea in bed served from a camel cart. The whole experience is quite remarkable.

Which of the old traditions of Rajasthan are still alive and how are they changing?

The joint family system involves generations living together in huge havelis (mansions), celebrating each festival together and sharing the chore responsibilities. This age-old practice seems to be eroding, however, as members of the family migrate to cities for work, and women gain more access to education.

There are a number of theories about why so many buildings in Jodhpur are painted blue. What’s the real story?

The fact is that there was a serious termite problem in Jodhpur, which caused much damage to local homes. The traditional application of lime wash did little to solve this problem. Somebody came up with a solution of mixing copper sulfate in the lime wash and this solved the termite problem, while turning the whitewash blue!

What’s your role as an agent for TCS World Travel in India?  

We do everything from making sure everything is in order at your hotel to briefing the local guides on the expectations of the group. We assume different roles at different times while ensuring that all the little details are just right.

Call Luxury Custom Travel today to discuss pre- and post-tour options at 800.454.4149.

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