Spotlight on Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro
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Spotlight on Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro

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Rich histories, jewel-like towns, coastal retreats and multifaceted cultures entice more and more visitors each year to Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. We asked one of our Luxury Custom Travel consultants to share what she discovered on her recent scouting trip to all three countries.


Catrina Forcier, a Luxury Custom Travel consultant at TCS World Travel, scouted Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro and reported back on how, where and why you should explore these fascinating countries.

I recommend beginning a trip to Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro in Zagreb, Croatia’s northwestern capital.

One can’t-miss experience in Croatia is a 7-14 day-long luxury cruise through the islands on a privately-chartered yacht.

One thing that surprised me about Montenegro was the fortified town of Kotor.

If I had to pick one destination along the Dalmatian Coast to get away and relax, it would be the island of Korčula in Croatia, or Sveti Stefan, a stunning five-star hotel resort in Montenegro.

Perhaps Dubrovnik, Croatia, but definitely Belgrade, Serbia has the best nightlife.

I loved Korčula (specifically the Lešić Dimitri Palaceso much I would consider living there for a year.

One island stop you shouldn’t miss along the Dalmatian Coast is Korčula, Croatia.

One thing that surprised me about Serbia was the baggage carousels in Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Luggage comes onto the belts out of the back end of Fiat 500s.

My favorite place to shop was Korčula.

One can’t-miss experience in Serbia is a night out in Skadarlija—a charming street lined with vintage shops and cafés in a bohemian quarter of Belgrade.

I had the best meal in Korčula, at The Restaurant in Lešić Dimitri Palace.

The first time I drank višnjevača, a regionally-popular sour cherry liqueur derived from brandy, I fell in love with it. It was really smooth and less powerful than I thought it would be. I drank buckets of it!

My favorite hotel in Serbia was the Square Nine Hotel Belgrade. I loved that each floor had a landing with a different theme, and that each of the rooms on each floor was equally lovely.

One can’t-miss experience in Montenegro is exploring the Bay of Kotor, which winds along the Adriatic Sea in southwestern Montenegro.

When I go back I will make sure to spend time in Split, Croatia at night. I’m told it hosts couples dancing in Split’s main square. I will also try more local food, like spit-roasted lamb, and I will watch the sun set in Dubrovnik before sampling its nightlife

My favorite hotel in Croatia was Lešić Dimitri Palace, in Korčula.

Of the three countries I visited, Serbia felt the most undiscovered. I explored Belgrade’s old town and its fortress. Serbia had a more leisurely pace, compared to Croatia and Montenegro.

My best piece of advice when traveling to Serbia, Montenegro or Croatia is to travel during April or October. I went in early May, and the towns were already bustling with tourists. I’d like to go back in December. Croatia, especially Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, have some amazing Christmas markets.


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