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JUNE 13 – JULY 2, 2024

Welcome to Your Trip Gateway Page

To help you prepare for the immersive journey you’re about to take, we have curated a collection of useful content to introduce you to some of the destinations on your itinerary and to help you learn more about traveling with TCS. We believe that providing you with this content ahead of your expedition will allow you to forge a richer connection with the places you’ll visit with us.

Meet your Expedition Leader

Johanne Gordon saw the ocean for the first time when she was 12 years old. Little did she know that she would end up working on cruise ships, eventually crossing all the world’s oceans. A Montreal native, she has been working with TCS World Travel since 2011 and has been in the travel industry since 1992, acquiring experience in both cruises and private jet tours. Her travels have taken her to more than 125 countries on all seven continents.

Meet Shelley Cline, TCS World Travel President

Thank you for choosing to travel with us. As we take you to far-flung parts of the world, it’s our hope that you will enjoy the immersive cultural experiences and unexpected delights along the way. These “TCS Moments” are bound to leave you changed and inspired.

We will periodically be emailing you curated content, including videos, articles and playlists, that will help prepare you for your expedition. By providing you with this cultural content ahead of your departure, we believe that you will forge a richer connection with the people and places you’ll visit with us. We look forward to traveling with you.

Protect Yourself with Trip Insurance

To protect your travel investment against the unexpected and give you greater peace of mind, we partner with Red Point Insurance to offer a best-in-class trip insurance program available exclusively to guests on our group jet expeditions. Learn more about our program’s unique benefits that you won’t find anywhere else in the insurance market.

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