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Custom Journey Inspiration

Christmas in Southeast Asia

Our custom travel consultant designed a special Christmas adventure to Thailand for a family with two sons. In addition to exploring all that Thailand has to offer—from temples to rice paddies—the itinerary was perfectly tailored for this family with a mix of bonding activities and down time. Our travel consultants even arranged for a live Christmas tree to be set up in their hotel room with hand-selected gifts for each family member wrapped and placed under the tree.  

Active Trip to the Galápagos Islands

Our custom travel consultant put together a phenomenal family trip to Ecuador, which included everything from an aerial cycle tour of the cloud forest to a luxurious cruise to the Galápagos Islands. In this remote archipelago, they hiked up the side of a volcanic crater, cruised along the cliffs to seek out marine birds and visited a hummingbird sanctuary. There were plenty of opportunities built in for relaxation between outdoor activities.

Romantic Getaway in Iceland

Our custom travel consultant designed a romantic tour to Iceland, where the couple could both explore the island’s many natural wonders and unwind in nature’s spa at the Blue Lagoon. They embarked on an exciting super jeep tour, hiked volcanoes, toured more remote islands, traveled through farmlands, visited glaciers and took in all the beauty that this country has to offer.

Exploring World War II in Western Europe

Our custom travel consultant arranged a World War II-themed trip through France, Belgium and Luxembourg for a couple. They explored artifacts from the 6th Airborne Division, cemeteries and memorials, several landing beaches including Omaha Beach, a German battery, and foxholes in the Ardennes Forest where the Battle of the Bulge took place. Along the way, they visited museums to gain more in-depth knowledge and stayed at a chateau with a rich history.

Plan a Heritage Trip

Our Heritage Concierge is here to help you reconnect with your family roots. This expert trip planner can curate an all-encompassing journey, based either on information you have about your family or on additional research conducted by a private genealogy team we've vetted for their expertise. Every detail of your legacy journey is customized to your specifications and interests, whether you're taking the whole family to the old country or exploring your heritage on a solo trip.

What Makes Us Different

Because of our connections and insider knowledge of destinations, we are able to provide the kind of special access that goes far beyond ordinary travel agent services. Whether it’s reservations at a restaurant that’s been fully booked for months or a private meeting and studio tour with a renowned artist, we can open doors to unique experiences.

Expert Planning

Our in-house consultants will plan your itinerary, including any or all of the following: where you’re going, where you’re staying, what you’ll be doing, how you get there and who you will meet.

Expert Planning

Custom-Planned Itineraries

Expect a fully detailed itinerary, including guided tours, transfers, transportation and luxury accommodations that have been vetted. If you want us to, we can include meals, whether you prefer dining at the best restaurants or sampling local flavors on a guided street food tour. All tips are included, so you never have to worry about having the right currency or exact change.

VIP arrival service

VIP Arrival Services

Enjoy VIP services on arrival in most countries of the world. Relax in a lounge while customs and immigration processes are completed for you.


Unique Experiences

We can arrange special access to galleries and restaurants, or tickets to unique events, sold-out performances and more.


Top-of-the-Line Guides

We know the best local guides to take care of you throughout your journey, as well as specialist, PhD-level guides for in-depth tours.

Special Access

Our global connections allow us to open doors to unique experiences that are tailored to your specific interests—experiences you can only get with us.


Your Interests

We will research and develop a trip just for you based on any specific interests you and your travel companions may have.

market shopping

Customized Activities

We can design different activities for multiple guests on the trip. For example, we can book a nanny for the kids, while you enjoy an evening out, or arrange a museum tour for one part of the group while the other explores the local market.

Thailand tribe

Authentic Interactions

We can arrange opportunities to meet locals and have an authentic cultural exchange specifically tailored to your interests.

India Children

Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to make a difference or just learn more about how you can have a positive impact while traveling, we can help by setting up volunteer opportunities or arranging visits to specific charities.

Your Dedicated Consultant

Your Luxury Custom Travel consultant will not only plan your trip, but is also available to answer all your questions—both before you leave and as you travel.

Off the beaten the path

Destination Knowledge

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of hundreds of destinations around the world as well as access to off-the-beaten path experiences in each.

Art gallery private tour

Insider Access

We can bring you behind-the-scenes visits and private before- and after-hours tours at top historical sites and museums.

Help with Visa Applications

All Logistics

We handle visa services, health support and all logistical pieces of your trip.

point of contact

End-to-End Service

We are your point of contact while traveling, so you are taken care of along the way.

How We Do It
  1. Tell us what your dream trip looks like

    Let our consultants spark your imagination. Whether you have a specific destination or activity in mind, or just know you want to travel somewhere new, solo or with friends and family, we can help you envision the possibilities and shape your plans.

    Bora Bora
  2. We take care of all the details

    From this point on, our consultants help you prepare for your journey, providing everything from visa assistance and packing lists to dinner reservations to destination information.

  3. We’ll fine-tune your itinerary

    Our travel consultants will create an all-inclusive journey based on your requests and will work with you to refine it to fit your time frame, trip objectives and travel dreams. They will organize special access to events, tours and activities designed just for you and your travelmates.

    Map planning
  4. Enjoy hassle-free travel

    With the details of your journey planned—including point-to-point transportation—you can fully relax and be present in the memorable moments.

    on safari

Meet Our Travel Consultants

Our in-house travel consultants use their deep destination knowledge and on-the-ground relationships in hundreds of countries to make your dream trip a reality. They organize every aspect of the journey for you and your travel companions, help you prepare for your trip and are always available to answer any questions.

Anna Hawley

Anna Hawley

Manager, Travel Consultant

Anna has perfected the art of arranging unique experiences for her guests. From chartering a jet for a family in China to arranging exclusive golf course visits in New Zealand, she can help make your dreams a reality. As the Heritage Concierge, she helps people reconnect with their roots on custom ancestry journeys. 

Alexandra Cancro

Alexandra Cancro

Luxury Custom Travel Consultant

Having traveled to over 22 countries, Alexandra helps create beautiful itineraries for clients around the world. She has been at TCS World Travel for three years and hopes to make your vacation an unforgettable one.

Kate Mayer

Kate Mayer

Luxury Custom Travel Consultant

After backpacking though Europe, and now having visited close to 50 countries, Kate turned her love of travel into a career. Working at TCS World Travel for over six years, she enjoys helping her clients explore the world and discover unforgettable cultures, sights and cuisine.

Renee VanDrent

Renee VanDrent

Luxury Custom Travel Consultant

After serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine, Renee shifted from using her marketing degree to a career in travel. She launched the inaugural private Tran-Siberian Rail journey, guided tours in Europe and now enjoys customizing journeys around the world.

Clara Pellham

Clara Pellham

Director, Custom Travel Experience

With over 20 years of travel experience, Clara has a love for travel that has taken her to 17 countries. She is excited to be using her passion to lead and support the Luxury Custom Travel team in crafting unique, personalized itineraries. 

Sarah Sievert

Sarah Sievert

Luxury Custom Travel Consultant

Sarah spent five years in Europe working for local destination management companies, which sparked her passion for travel. She specializes in designing custom itineraries and will help guests develop and realize their dream trips.

Lori Goodwin

Lori Goodwin

Luxury Custom Travel Consultant

Dedicated to the transformative power of travel, Lori has 14 years of experience in luxury and adventure travel planning. She creates exceptional, life-changing and uniquely customized itineraries for her clients, and remains ever-curious about the world and innovations in travel.