Our AwardsDepartures Legend Award

South Africa Cape Town Table Mountain Pre-Trip TCSSA-20

Launched in 2019, the Departures Legend Awards are a recent but distinguished addition to the world of travel awards. Last year, TCS World Travel was one of the honorees for the Best Private Transportation award, which recognizes us for our more than 30 years of expertise in private jet travel.

The Departures Legend Awards are focused solely on luxury travel experiences and awarded by editors’ choice. The honorees are chosen with a rigorous vetting process, in which the Departures team—including the editor-in-chief—weighs in on each selection.

The private transportation category awards 10 companies that offer top-tier luxury experiences that go far beyond what commercial transportation can provide. We have been selected for our private jet expeditions, which take our guests to the world’s far-flung destinations while offering outstanding personalized service throughout the journey.

We are thrilled to be included on this elite list. We always appreciate positive feedback from our guests, but our Legend Award is a great honor from our fellow experts in the travel industry.