about tcsPrivate Jet Travel: The Safety Advantage

onboard private jet

We spend a lot of time thinking about safety and security at TCS World Travel. Our guests entrust us with their safety, and we take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why we’ve implemented a comprehensive set of security processes that have been fine-tuned over two decades and more than 300 private jet expeditions to ensure peace of mind.

“Safety and security have always been a top priority for us,” says Jennifer DuBois, TCS World Travel’s Vice President of Operations. “We’re continually evaluating the safety of each of our destinations and working closely with our partners on the ground to ensure that we’re operating the safest expeditions possible.”

So how does it all work? Let’s take a quick survey of the security procedures we take on every journey to keep you safe and comfortable as you travel around the world.

Before You Depart

In addition to years developing and scouting each of our private jet expeditions, we have a staff member at each destination a few days before the group arrives. This allows us to do a final check on the hotel, restaurants and all the sightseeing that we have planned for you. If the advance staff member identifies any security concerns, he or she alerts the TCS World Travel staff and works directly with the hotel or in-country agent to make sure everything is right by the time you arrive. 

On the Private Jet

Once your trip departs, our veteran aircrew restricts access to our private jet. The doors to the jet will never be opened except in the presence of a member of the flight crew. When the aircraft has been closed down and crew are about to leave, engineers will secure the entry doors, cargo doors and access doors to electronic equipment with tamper-evident security seals, ensuring that no one enters the plane without permission. 

Your Baggage

We also keep close tabs on all the bags being stored in the jet. Secure vehicles are used to transfer luggage between the airport and the hotel on arrival and departure. A staff member tags each bag with a guest name and security number, and then the aircrew screens the bags before loading them into the hold. While loading the baggage, the flight crew dispatcher checks all bags against the luggage control list provided by a TCS World Travel staff member to make sure that we’ve accounted for every bag.

On-the-Ground Procedures

We stay at five-star or best-available properties around the world that are known for meeting the highest standards in safety, security and food preparation. While you’re out and about, delving into the local culture and experiencing some of the planet’s most incredible destinations, we keep a close eye on security at all times. We work with local authorities to get real-time updates on traffic and road conditions prior to each group departure. Our sightseeing vehicles and guides are in constant communication with each other, and all drivers and guides wear name badges provided by the expedition staff. Drivers always stay with the vehicles when they are parked to ensure complete security. 

Our Commitment to Your Safety

While a lot goes on behind the scenes, security is an enormous part of what we do, and ensuring the safety of our guests is paramount to the success of each expedition. “Having our own private jet really makes all the difference,” DuBois says. “We have the power to fully implement the high security standards we require. And we have the ultimate flexibility to make decisions up to the last minute about whether to reroute the trip without having to depend on commercial airline options.” 

The bottom line about safety with TCS World Travel is that we worry about it, so you don’t have to.