Experience the best of southern Africa on this exciting 18-day journey. Sample some of the world’s finest wines in the Cape Winelands and Overberg region, discover the stark beauty of the Namib Desert, explore the riverine landscapes of Zambia, relax on Mozambique’s stunning beaches and search for wildlife in South Africa’s foremost reserves.

18 Days 11 Days
8 Destinations 11 Destinations
28 Guests 11 Guests
Airbus 318 Asset 80 Airbus A318
Pace - Moderate pace Moderate Pace
Flatbed Seats Asset 60 Flatbed Seats

What's Included

The price of this all-inclusive expedition covers everything from travel on our private jet, hotels, ground transportation and meals, down to all daily activities, top-of-the-line guides, beverages and all tips. 

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  1. Temperature temperature 65F/51F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.0 inches
    Currency currency South African Rand
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Discover this stylish outpost at the tip of Africa.

    Surrounded by the wild waters of the Atlantic and the graceful rolling hills of the Cape Winelands, Cape Town boasts a rich history, vibrant local culture and stunning landscapes. The city’s most iconic landmark is majestic Table Mountain, a flat-topped mountain that soars two-thirds of a mile above sea level, offering views of the glittering cityscape, the deep blue waters of the ocean and the region’s world-renowned vineyards.

    Cape Town to Cape Winelands: 30M (helicopter)
    See more information here.
  2. Temperature temperature 66F/44F
    Rainfall rainfall 3.2 inches
    Currency currency South African Rand
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Encounter the rich terroir of South Africa.

    Set on the banks of the Eerste River, Stellenbosch is South Africa’s second oldest town, established in the heart of the fertile Cape farmlands to grow vegetables—and produce wine—for ships rounding the Cape. Discover the fantastic wine that the area is most famous for now, with hundreds of acclaimed vineyards scattered around the verdant valleys framed by a series of gentle peaks.

    Cape Town to Sossusvlei: 3H 45M (with charter flight)
  3. Temperature temperature 77F/48F
    Rainfall rainfall 0 inches
    Currency currency Namibian Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Marvel at the landscapes and wildlife of the desert.

    Set within the Namib-Naukluft National Park—the largest conservation area on the continent—Sossusvlei’s mesmerizing immense sand dunes, sweeping desert vistas and endemic wildlife will captivate you. Immerse yourself in the spectacular landscapes of this harsh desert as you learn about the adaptable flora and fauna that have learned to survive in the inhospitable conditions.

    Walvis Bay to Victoria Falls: 2H 05M
  4. Temperature temperature 89F/55F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.1 inches
    Currency currency Zimbabwean Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Stand atop thundering Victoria Falls, one of the world’s natural wonders.

    Venture off the beaten path into the wilds of Zimbabwe. See the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Named by Scottish explorer Dr. David Livingstone for his queen, the awe-inspiring cascades are called Mosi-oa-Tunya (“the smoke that thunders”) by the local Makololo people.

    Victoria Falls to Mfuwe: 1H 30M
  5. Temperature temperature 93F/61F
    Rainfall rainfall 0 inches
    Currency currency Zambian Kwacha
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Track wildlife in remote South Luangwa National Park.

    The birthplace of the walking safari, South Luangwa National Park encompasses the southernmost end of the Great Rift Valley and is home to a dense concentration of wildlife that congregates around the banks of the South Luangwa river and its many lagoons. Spot leopard, hippo, lion, wild dog and perhaps even the family of elephants that arrive regularly to sample the mangoes at your lodge.

    Mfuwe to Pemba: 1H 40M
  6. Temperature temperature 84F/68F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.1 inches
    Currency currency Mozambican Metical
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Experience the beach paradise of Mozambique.

    Discover the powdery white-sand beaches and turquoise Indian Ocean waters of remote northern Mozambique. Bordering the country’s most recently established national park—which encompasses the coastal islands of the Quirimbas archipelago and a swath of inland forested elephant trails—the Pemba peninsula is one of the world’s finest beach destinations.

    Pemba to Kruger: 3H 10M (with charter flight)
  7. Temperature temperature 84F/55F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.0 inches
    Currency currency South African Rand
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Embark on a classic African safari in search of the Big Five.

    Experience the joys and surprises of searching for wildlife in the heart of South Africa. After touching down in Kruger National Park, hop aboard a short and scenic charter flight into the heart of the bush. Accompanied by expert naturalist guides, look for lion, buffalo, leopard, African bush elephant and rhinoceros in some of the most spectacular landscapes on the continent.

    Kruger to Hermanus: 3H (with charter flights)
  8. Temperature temperature 69F/50F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.3 inches
    Currency currency South African Rand
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Explore a private seaside nature reserve and the country’s Pinot Noir capital.

    End your journey just south of Cape Town on the shores of the Western Cape in an oasis of pristine wilderness between the mountains, the forest and the sea. Explore Grootbos Nature Reserve, which encompasses more than 6,000 acres and is home to thousand-year-old forests, hundreds of endangered and endemic plant species, and the marine Big Five of whales, sharks, seals, penguins and dolphins. In addition, enjoy a half-day of wine tasting in the surrounding grape-growing area known as the Overberg region. The area is known not only for its outstanding Pinot Noir and Pinotage, but is also well-suited for Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

    Hermanus to Cape Town: 20M (charter flight)
  9. Temperature temperature 69F/54F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.6 inches
    Currency currency South African Rand
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Reflect on your travels around southern Africa on your homeward journey.

    Return to Cape Town in the morning and catch your independent flight home later in the day.

Africa Elephant Zebras

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An experienced team takes care of all the logistics before, during and after your trip. Your dedicated guest services manager prepares you for your trip of a lifetime and a veteran expedition leader travels with you, taking care of all the details throughout your journey. We also invite a knowledgeable lecturer, as well as local experts, to join us on our expedition to bring each destination to life with real-time insights into culture, history and daily life.

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Chloe has been working with TCS World Travel since 2014. She loves preparing guests for their journey by helping them to imagine each destination they will visit.

Expedition Leader

Expedition Leader

You will travel with an experienced expedition leader, who will manage all the logistics of this program, fill out customs and immigration forms, handle your luggage and ensure that your experience is hassle-free.

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Wildlife biologist Luke Dollar coordinates conservation programs devoted to carnivore ecology, habitats, and preservation. He focuses on grassroots education and employment programs that empower local people in predator range areas to become wildlife caretakers.

The Private Jet Experience

The moment you board the private jet, you can breathe deep and leave your worries at the door. The hidden costs of international travel, such as transit time and airport delays, cut into quality vacation time. Flying direct to most destinations reduces overall travel time, maximizing the time spent exploring each iconic destination.

Welcome Aboard

Throughout your flight, you’ll have highly trained staff and crew with years of experience at your service. They’ll know your name, likes and dislikes, so you can have the most personalized experience possible.

Aircraft: Airbus A318-100

Number of Seats: 28

Type of Seats: Flatbed (180-degree recline)

Features: In-seat power outlets


Expedition Details

Relax, discover and explore on an expertly curated journey, meticulously produced by a passionate team of seasoned world travelers. Learn more about the services we offer—before, during and after your trip, as well as what to expect on our expeditions.

This once-in-a-lifetime trip is the perfect way to spend quality time with your partner or to treat yourself to an adventure you’ll never forget. Adults of all ages take our trips, sometimes with a companion and sometimes by themselves. You will meet fellow guests with a curiosity about the world and come away with unforgettable memories and special friendships. It can also help you memorably mark a special occasion, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, retirement, honeymoon or other milestone.

The minimum age to take our expeditions is 12, but we will consider younger guests on a case-by-case basis.

Shortly after booking, your guest services manager will mail you more details about your trip. This dedicated professional will be your main point of contact. He or she will provide you additional information leading up to your departure and is available to answer any questions via phone or email.

Prior to departure, you will receive a set of amenities for your trip. These may include a wheeled bag, a backpack, packing cubes and other useful travel items.

Our trips are a unique opportunity for like-minded travelers who are interested in learning and exploring to come together. The strong friendships forged on our trips continue long after guests return home and open the door to more travel adventures.

On expeditions with 50 or more travelers, daily activities will be divided into intimate groups of 6 to 12, so you never feel like you’re part of a crowd. On all trips, we offer numerous activity options at each destination such as: guided small-group sightseeing, curated shopping, and exclusive visits to museums and landmarks. Other examples include more active options like hikes or snorkeling, as well as unforgettable moments like an intimate guided exploration of Angkor Wat and our hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti. 

TCS World Travel is committed to maintaining the quality and safety of the expedition for all participants. Overall, our trips give you the freedom to set your own pace. Each destination on every itinerary offers a variety of options with different activity levels. In some, you may only be walking for short periods of time and have more downtime between excursions, while in others, you may spend the entire day touring or walking over uneven terrain. You may, of course, choose to have a day off and relax at any location.

On all our expeditions, you can expect the following:

  • Uneven ground/frequent walking up to one mile at any given time
  • Walking up the steps to the jet, as many foreign airports do not have jetways
  • Trip pace—only one to three nights in each stop with some late-night activities and early-morning departures
  • Time zone changes
  • High altitude (some expeditions)
  • Changes to your ‘normal’ routine: unique cuisine, frequent packing/unpacking

We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate participants with special needs; however, we cannot accommodate wheelchairs or walkers. If you require a slower pace, extra assistance, or the use of a cane or walking stick, arrangements can be made for private touring at each destination. Any extra cost for such arrangements will be the responsibility of the participant.

Trip Pace Definitions

These icons refer to the overall pace of the trip and not to specific activities at each destination. For example, an expedition classified as moderate or relaxed in overall pace can still offer active options such as hiking or snorkeling.

  • Active Pace: Almost every day fully scheduled, and/or longer flight durations; expedition crosses multiple time zones
  • Moderate Pace: Downtime opportunities every three or four days, and/or shorter flight durations; crosses fewer time zones
  • Relaxed Pace: Many opportunities for relaxation, and/or three-night minimum stays in most destinations

Destination Safety
Before TCS travels to any destination, we vet it for safety. We and our consultant medical advisors, Dr. Thomas Burke and the BostonMD team, closely monitor all health situations. We monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), the US Department of State, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other third-party destination experts, and are consulting with our trusted local suppliers to evaluate travel to all locations featured on our expeditions. 
The beauty of private jet travel is the ease of pivoting. If we need to change an itinerary for any reason, we can use our contacts in countries worldwide to assist us with making alternate arrangements for our group. These changes could be made well in advance of arrival or even while we are in the air en-route to a given location.
On-Trip Resources
On many expeditions, a trip physician will be available to consult with you at your request about general medical health issues such as upper-respiratory infections or gastro-intestinal upsets, which are not uncommon on this type of trip. Should you become seriously ill en route, the trip physician will be able to liaise with local physicians at your request and, if necessary, your medical providers back home, to assist in determining what further care you may require.
On-Trip Activity Level
This is an active program which requires a serious health assessment. There will be walking excursions at nearly every location, and you will need to climb stairs at some of the sites, as well as when you board and disembark the aircraft. There are some airports where you will be responsible for transporting your small wheeled overnight bag. We will have some early-morning departures and late-night activities, and may travel through multiple time zones.

To help counterbalance the carbon footprint that results from flying, TCS World Travel offsets carbon emissions for all flights. TCS has partnered with Sustainable Travel International, a global non-profit organization with 15 years of experience developing successful carbon offset programs for the travel industry. Sustainable Travel International has calculated the carbon footprint of all TCS jet trips starting in 2019 and purchases highly vetted carbon offsets equivalent to that amount.

Our luggage allowances are based on the type of aircraft on which the expedition is offered. On the custom Boeing 757 or Airbus A321 planes, luggage typically is limited to two checked bags: the wheeled bag we mail you and one additional large suitcase of your own. On expeditions on smaller aircraft like the Fokker 70, guests are allowed the wheeled bag we mail you and one additional smaller bag due to weight restrictions. Bags will be stored in the hold of the jet during our flights, but you will be allowed to take your backpack and another small personal item, such as purse or camera bag, along with you in the cabin.

On many trips, a dedicated expedition staff member handles your luggage throughout the journey. In many destinations, our staff will transfer your luggage directly from the plane to your hotel room. In others, you may be required to walk your bags through customs before handing them over to our staff, but we take over from there. Secure vehicles accompanied by a dedicated expedition staff member are used to transfer luggage between the airport and the hotel on arrival and departure. Often times, your bag is in your room by the time you’re checked into the hotel.

We suggest you bring comfortable clothing that can be layered. One of your most important items is a pair of comfortable shoes for walking. Our guests generally dress up a little for the welcome and farewell dinners, but this is their choice and is certainly not required. Also, you will find slightly more formal dining options at many of the hotels where we stay. For this reason, you may want to bring a few nicer outfits. A more detailed packing list with specific clothing recommendations will be sent to you closer to the departure date. While you’re packing please keep in mind that laundry services are available at most of our hotels. We also recommend you leave extra space in your suitcase to bring home souvenirs of your journey. 

TCS World Travel is committed to safeguarding the security of its guests on every expedition. The company has implemented a set of security processes throughout the journey – from before guests depart to when they touch down in a destination. These processes have been fine-tuned over two decades and more than 300 private jet expeditions and thousands of custom trips to help ensure peace of mind for everyone involved.

All guests must have valid passports to participate in this program. Passports must be valid at least six months beyond the end date of your expedition. If visas are required for the expedition, a visa kit will be sent to you approximately five months before departure. We work with an expediting service that helps make getting your required visas easier. Although you’re still required to fill out your visa forms and cover the application costs, they will review the application to make sure it’s complete and liaise with the necessary consulates and embassies to process your visas.

We pre-fill your customs and immigrations forms at every stop—all you have to do is sign. Where possible, our guests enjoy special privileges, such as expedited customs and immigration formalities. We may have a dedicated customs counter for our group and are occasionally allowed to go through without individual clearance.

The price of your expedition incorporates large items like the jet, hotels, transportation and meals, but it also includes many other things, such as activities, top-of-the-line guides, private dinners in restaurants, beverages and every single tip (guides, restaurants, hotel staff, drivers, etc.). In addition, we give you some “walking around money” in the local currency at each stop. We also supply you with all the bottled water you can drink all day every day. We even provide you with postcards that we mail for you—all you have to do is write.

Your expedition includes:

  • Travel on a privately chartered jet
  • First-class accommodations
  • Ground transportation
  • All meals and beverages, including select beer and wine
  • All sightseeing activities, from guided small-group excursions and private shopping to more active options such as snorkeling and hikes
  • Special events and private access
  • Top local guides and/or on-trip experts
  • A veteran expedition team who handles all logistics
  • On some itineraries, a trip physician who accompanies you throughout your journey
  • All gratuities
  • Luggage handling
  • Bottled water

Your expedition does not include:

  • Commercial airfare between your home city and departure/arrival destination
  • Optional and additional accident/baggage/cancellation insurance
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, telephone and fax fees
  • All beverages not mentioned above as included
  • Hotel minibar charges
  • Meals not scheduled by TCS World Travel
  • Inoculation and medication costs of any kind

Reservation Process

To reserve your place on the expedition, complete and sign a reservation form and return it with your deposit. The deposit can be made by check, wire transfer, or by a major credit card such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard. If you pay your initial deposit by credit card, it is fully refundable until you sign the reservation form. Subsequent payments are payable by check or wire transfer, made out to the account indicated on the reservation form.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation or change your plans, your right to receive a refund is limited, as set forth in the trip payment schedule. All cancellations will become effective as of the date of the postmark or email receipt. All requests for refunds must be sent to TCS World Travel in writing via mail, fax or email.

If you are traveling solo and prefer the privacy of your own room, you will be charged a solo traveler supplement. This ensures that individual travelers will get the same type and size rooms as our double occupancy travelers.

The Jet tour is operated by TCS World Travel, dedicated to delivering immersive, worry-free travel experiences for the globally curious and modern luxury traveler. The aircraft is operated by Titan Airways, an IOSA-certified airlines with over 30 years of experience in bespoke air charter travel.

We strongly recommend purchasing insurance to protect your travel investment. We offer a best-in-class trip insurance program available exclusively to guests on our group jet expeditions. Our program provides unique benefits that you won’t find anywhere else in the insurance market, including:

  • Insurance for your entire trip cost in a single streamlined plan
  • The ability to purchase the plan and waive pre-existing conditions any time up until final payment
  • COVID-19 coverage, with the option to cancel before your trip departs
  • Flexibility to pay in installments and insure your trip as you go

Our insurance program also includes these additional benefits for your peace of mind:

  • No-risk guarantee allowing you to cancel your plan within 10 days and receive a full refund
  • Coverage for trip cancellation/interruption, baggage loss, emergency dental and more
  • Option to add on Cancel For Any Reason ("CFAR") coverage for up to 75 percent of your trip cost

If you would like a personalized quote, or have any questions about our insurance program, please contact our Guest Relations team at 800.454.4149.

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Winelands, South Africa
Sossusvlei, Namibia
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
Pemba, Mozambique
Kruger National Park, South Africa
Hermanus, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa