Follow the midnight sun around the globe to the world's northernmost reaches. Explore Mongolia’s Gobi Desert and discover Kazan and St. Petersburg, Russia. Experience the magic of long summer days in Reykjavik, soar over Greenland’s starkly beautiful glaciers and cruise the fjords of the Svalbard Islands on a journey of eternal summer.

23 Days 11 Days
7 Destinations 11 Destinations
50 Guests 11 Guests
Big Jet big jet Boeing 757
Pace - Moderate pace Moderate Pace
Lie-Flat Seats Asset 60 Lie-Flat Seats

What's Included

The price of this all-inclusive expedition covers everything from travel on our private jet, hotels, ground transportation and meals, down to all daily activities, top-of-the-line guides, beverages and every single tip.

Explore the journey
  1. Temperature temperature 70F/52F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.6 inches
    Currency currency U.S. Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT -7

    Arrive in vibrant Seattle.

    Seattle’s abundant natural beauty is matched only by its wealth of urban attractions. Enjoy unfettered access to the Seattle Art Museum, world-class dining and shopping, and Pike Place Market. Meet fellow travelers and expedition staff at a welcome dinner at Chihuly Garden and Glass, which showcases the striking glass sculptures of local artist Dale Chihuly against the backdrop of the iconic Space Needle.

    Seattle to Japan 11H 45M (includes tech stop)
  2. Temperature temperature 82F/65F
    Rainfall rainfall 9.0 inches
    Currency currency Japanese Yen
    Time Zone timezone GMT +9

    The glory of Old Japan comes to life in Kyoto.

    Because the city served as the emperor’s home base for more than a thousand years, the name Kyoto means “capital” in Japanese. Kyoto blossomed as a center for learning and the arts—and today boasts 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

    Japan to Ulaanbaatar 4H
  3. Temperature temperature 81F/58F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.7 inches
    Currency currency Mongolian Tughrik
    Time Zone timezone GMT +8

    Encounter one of the world's few remaining nomadic societies.

    Covering much of southern Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is filled with dramatic landscapes, from craggy mountain peaks to breathtaking sand dunes. Mongolian nomads roam this extreme terrain, seeking pasture for their animals.


    • Mongolia's traditions thrive amid the country’s vast landscape.

      Experience a different side of Mongolia in bustling Ulaanbaatar and in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, an easy respite from the urban capital. The protected park land is characterized by high granite cliffs, serpentine rivers and pristine forests. Guests choosing this alternate will travel separately and meet up with the rest of the group before heading to our next destination.

    Ulaanbaatar to Kazan 5H 40M
  4. Temperature temperature 78F/60F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.5 inches
    Currency currency Russian Ruble
    Time Zone timezone GMT +3

    European and Asian cultures meet in this storied city on the Volga.

    In the Tatar language, Kazan means “cooking pot,” an apt name for this cultural melting pot, where orthodox belfries share the skyline with colorful minarets.

    Kazan to St. Petersburg 1H 40M
  5. Temperature temperature 70F/56F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.6 inches
    Currency currency Russian Ruble
    Time Zone timezone GMT +3

    Elegant St. Petersburg is Russia's gateway to Europe.

    Designed by Peter the Great in the 18th century to rival the great cities of Europe, sumptuous St. Petersburg entices travelers with its magnificent palaces, superb art collections and riveting history.

    St. Petersburg to Svalbard Islands 3H
  6. Temperature temperature 46F/40F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.5 inches
    Currency currency Norwegian Krone
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Embark on a private expeditionary cruise through the Svalbard Islands.

    Polar bears, reindeer and seals are among your possible wildlife sightings from the deck of the ship while traveling high above the Arctic Circle. In summer the sun never sets, which leaves ample time for animal spotting or simply relaxing and taking in this arresting landscape.

    Svalbard Islands to Reykjavik 3H
  7. Temperature temperature 55F/47F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.0 inches
    Currency currency Icelandic Krona
    Time Zone timezone at GMT

    Explore the world's northernmost capital.

    Reykjavik may be one of Europe’s smallest capitals, but its residents have a big-city mentality that spills into café-lined streets late into the summer evenings. Iceland enjoys 22 hours of sunlight during the summer, allowing plenty of time to explore Reykjavik’s modern dining scene and embark on outdoor adventures.

    Reykjavik to Greenland 2H
  8. Temperature temperature 57F/39F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.1 inches
    Currency currency Danish Krone
    Time Zone timezone GMT -2

    Track the midnight sun across the world's largest island.

    There are few places more remote than Greenland, sitting near the top of the world with its unparalleled, wild natural beauty. Gaze upon the ever-evolving landscape of craggy icefjords, freshly formed icebergs and pristine glaciers under a brilliant midnight sun.

    Greenland to Boston 4H 15M
  9. Temperature temperature 82F/65F
    Rainfall rainfall 3.1 inches
    Currency currency U.S. Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT -4

    Recap your journey among new friends in venerable Boston.

    The gateway to New England, Boston offers numerous opportunities to explore United States history, including the Freedom Trail. Enjoy a farewell dinner with your fellow travelers and a luxurious overnight stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Boston, before returning home on your independent flight the next day.

Polar bears, Svalbard Islands, Norway

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Eunice Reynoso

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Since January 2017, Eunice has been the main point of contact for many of our booked guests. She is available during all stages of planning, as a resource for trip information and to answer guest questions.

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David Keeling


David Keeling is a professor and head of Western Kentucky University’s Department of Geography and Geology. His research interests include the geography of exploration and discovery, regional development, environmental change and geopolitics.

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Paul North


​Paul North currently serves as the director of the educational nonprofit Meet the Ocean, an organization he founded. For over a decade, he has been exploring the marine ecosystems of our planet.​

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Johanne Gordon

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An Experienced In-Flight Team

Throughout your flight, you’ll have highly trained staff and crew with years of experience at your service. They’ll know your name, your likes and your dislikes, so you can have the most personalized experience possible. An executive chef creates in-flight menus with only the freshest ingredients, providing a first-class experience all the way, and a dedicated physician travels with you for peace of mind.


An expedition physician will travel with you throughout the entire journey, providing health care services free-of-charge where needed. Should you become seriously ill en route, the trip physician will be able to liaise with local doctors at your request and, if necessary, your medical providers in the U.S., to assist in determining what further care you may require.

Flight crew

An experienced 15-person crew from TAG Aviation, a leading global private jet operator, will accompany you from start to finish. The crew includes three pilots, an engineer, an operations officer, a chef and a catering operator, along with the eight flight attendants.

Executive chef

An executive chef creates in-flight menus with only the freshest ingredients, providing a first class experience all the way. Dining options usually include a local dish as well as a western meal alternative.

Our Private Jet Experience

The moment you board our private jet, you can breathe deep and leave your worries at the door. The hidden costs of international travel, such as transit time and airport delays, cut into quality vacation time. Flying direct to most destinations reduces overall travel time, maximizing the time spent exploring each iconic destination.

Welcome Aboard

Throughout your flight, you’ll have highly trained staff and crew at your service. They’ll know your name, likes and dislikes, so you can have the most personalized experience possible. An executive chef creates in-flight menus with only the freshest ingredients, providing a first-class experience all the way.

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200ER

Number of seats: 52

Type of Seats: Flatbed (180-degree recline)

Features: In-seat power outlets, USB ports and personal storage ottoman

Amenities: Bose noise-canceling headphones and onboard tablet

52-seat jet