Timeless Encounters is an around-the-world journey to some of the most compelling destinations. Soak in the natural beauty of Bora Bora’s pristine beaches, explore the Taj Mahal and immerse yourself in extraordinary cities that have captured our imaginations.

24 Days 11 Days
9 Destinations 11 Destinations
52 Guests 11 Guests
Big Jet big jet Boeing 757
Pace - Relaxed pace Relaxed Pace
Flatbed Seats Asset 60 Flatbed Seats

What's Included

This all-encompassing itinerary includes accommodations, all meals, transportation, and a wide variety of exclusive excursions and activities. 

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  1. Temperature temperature 76F/61F
    Climate - Rainy umbrella 15 inches
    Currency currency U.S. Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT -10

    Experience’s Hawaii’s incredible natural diversity on the Big Island.

    With its white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and black-lava landscapes, Hawaii Island’s exclusive Kona-Kohala Coast marks the start of your incredible journey.

    Kona to Bora Bora 6H 20M (includes charter flight)
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  2. Temperature temperature 86F/75F
    Rainfall rainfall 5.1 inches
    Currency currency French Pacific Franc
    Time Zone timezone GMT -10

    Welcome to Bora Bora, the pearl of the Pacific.

    Fly to Tahiti on our Private Jet, then take a private charter flight to Bora Bora. Setting foot on its picture-perfect shores, you’ll quickly see why this small island in the South Pacific was originally known as “pora pora mai te pora,” meaning “created by the gods.”

    Bora Bora to Sydney 10H (includes tech stop)
  3. Temperature temperature 77F/63F
    Rainfall rainfall 5.2 inches
    Currency currency Australian Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT +10

    Cosmopolitan Sydney satisfies every type of traveler.

    Sydney is where surf culture, innovative cuisine and iconic architecture coalesce in one vibrant city. Whether you’re looking to raise your adrenaline or your glass, this city has it all. Cross the international date line and arrive in Sydney in time for a festive welcome dinner.

    Sydney to Langkawi 9H 30M (INCLUDES TECH STOP)
  4. Temperature temperature 93F/73F
    Rainfall rainfall 3.6 inches
    Currency currency Malaysian Ringgit
    Time Zone timezone GMT +8

    Spend three nights in Malaysia’s tropical island paradise.

    A 99-island archipelago off the coast of mainland Malaysia, Langkawi offers spectacular waterfalls, white-sand beaches and lush jungle. It’s your choice how you spend your time here, whether you’re in the mood for adventure or simply want to relax at our luxurious resort.

    Langkawi to Chiang Mai 2H 15M (+1H for Chiang Rai)
  5. Temperature temperature 94F/66F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.6 inches
    Currency currency Thai Bhat
    Time Zone timezone GMT +7

    Discover a culture of enduring traditions in Chiang Mai.

    Once the heart of the ancient Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai offers a vibrant blend of cultures, majestic temples and distinctive charms set against a landscape of vibrant green rice paddies.

    • Temperature temperature 91F/59F
      Rainfall rainfall 0.7 inches
      Currency currency Thai Bhat
      Time Zone timezone GMT +7

      The jungled haven of Chiang Rai is our base for exploration.

      The famed Golden Triangle is where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos converge. Opt to upgrade and spend two nights in a luxury tented camp in Chiang Rai, set in the heart of a tranquil bamboo forest, followed by one night in Chiang Mai. Guests choosing this alternate will travel to Chiang Rai by private jet and meet up with the rest of the group in Chiang Mai before heading to our next destination.

    Chiang Mai to Agra 3H 55M
  6. Temperature temperature 89F/60F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.4 inches
    Currency currency Indian Rupee
    Time Zone timezone GMT +5.5

    Make a special day trip to explore the Taj Mahal.

    Flying by private jet allows us special access to touch down in Agra, giving us a unique opportunity to seamlessly visit the Taj Mahal on our way to Dubai. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned this world wonder to honor the love of his life, Mumtaz Mahal, who was celebrated for her grace, beauty and compassion.

    Agra to Dubai 3H 15M
  7. Temperature temperature 82F/62F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.9 inches
    Currency currency UAE Dirham
    Time Zone timezone GMT +4

    Dubai is a futuristic desert oasis where ancient traditions run deep.

    From high-end shopping experiences to adrenaline-pumping adventures, cosmopolitan Dubai is filled with exciting opportunities.

    Dubai to Prague 6H 20M
  8. Temperature temperature 54F/36F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.4 inches
    Currency currency Euro
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Experience the magic of the city of a thousand spires.

    Filled with fairy-tale castles, medieval cathedrals and winding cobblestone streets, Prague has attracted philosophers, artists and travelers throughout history with its well-preserved cultural treasures.

    Prague to London 1H 50M
  9. Temperature temperature 59F/44F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.9 inches
    Currency currency Pound Sterling
    Time Zone timezone GMT +1

    Conclude your journey in London.

    One of Europe’s largest cities, multicultural London is the crossroads of the world and the final stop on our journey. Opt to extend your stay and explore the city’s eclectic neighborhoods, historic sites and exciting culinary scene.

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